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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday Gratitude

It's Christmas Eve and I have sooooo much to be grateful for.

Today I'm grateful for:

CHRISTMAS EVE! So much to do, so much fun doing it. Off work at noon, baking, church, 1 gift to open, Christmas jammies to snuggle.

the best year yet. How is it possible that each year keeps getting better?

friends and family. They are the foundation of my happy life. Everything else is cake

my church. 1 year, wow really? I remember growing up thinking church was boring and Christmas falling on a Sunday was the WORST because you had to go to church before you could open gifts. My church? Well the biggest testament I can think of is that I can't get enough. I always want more. I want to be there, I NEVER look at my watch when I am there, and the best part of my Christmas eve will not be opening the one gift but getting to spend 1 hour there tonight. My church has changed my heart, changed my life and given me salvation. Oh, and the fact that they celebrate individuality as a virtue and play the Who and the Beatles in church makes them totally cool.

Christmas eve service.

not smashing the scale to bits when it told me I gained .6 lbs. *sighs* 190.6 is NOT a good number but I guess it could be worse considering all the cookies, candy, lasagna, stew and ice cream I've been eating. I TOLD you those cookies were magic! They were all gone yesterday, I didn't get any and see what happens?

Today's mystery date alien hamster? Naughty Alien Feline Hamster! He was a naughty boy but he kept me entertained. Guess this means we don't have this morning stuff 100% yet. This morning, trying to catch him as he ran behind the sofa, under the dining room hutch and behind the big screen was NOT amusing as it was happening. However, an hour later when I was replaying the scene in my mind I laughed my butt off. We have established that Roy's momma was a bit of a slut, but I'm telling you, that bitch was a BIG tart! Roy HAS to be part cat. His momma went all inter-species. This morning I'm watching him as he is batting his bone all over the foyer floor. You know that cat move dont'cha? Where they stare at their prey, then turn their head sideways, then kinda put their head on the ground, roll upside down on their back and swat at it? Then jump up and pounce on it? Um, yeah, my dog was doing that.

These moves. Oh, and I so need to get the hamster one of these. That IS a freak alien hamster toy if I ever saw one.

the man and I have jobs, we are healthy, we have money in the bank and we have our family. We can afford to pay our mortgage, keep the heat on, pay for our Christmas meal and buy nice gifts. 30% of the population is currently unemployeed, homeless, hungry, sick or dieing. That number is STAGERING. If I don't consider myself damn lucky and truely blessed, I don't deserve what I have.

This was my favorite gift from last year. Hubert the Cold Turkey.
He was a gift from The Dorkfish in celebration of my quitting smoking.
Hubert guards the yellow sharpie.

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