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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Gratitude

This morning was perfection in it's mundaness. No meltdowns, hamster guilt, lost keys or lateness. The stars aligned and the hamster peed, I locked him up in his little den with no chase scene. No Youtube moments of any kind. It was total freaking awesomeness. Top it off with a spectacular sunrise, no traffic aggravation and more green lights than usual and I had a spectacularly blessed morning.

With my brain free from annoyances large and small and with Ms. Shankabitch, well, not exactly back in bondage, but at least subdued, I was able to lose myself in thought as I drove. What came to me like a "TWACK" in the back of the head from God is how my list has changed, and not for the better. I'm not sure when it started or why, but it has. Along with the change in the list has come a change in me. I pledged to live a life of gratitude. To embrace the mundane adventures of life and to be grateful every moment of the day. To change my perspective on the negative, to embrace the positive. To eliminate regret and live in the now. To change the world with the small and go where the flow takes me. Well, that's not been the case as of late. I've been obsessed with weight loss, hamster training, holiday drama and just plain crabbiness. My list is reflecting my life and not the other way around. It's time to step off the road of my journey for a bit and "ripen on the vine" It's time to remind myself of the big girl panties I'm wearing now. It's time to BE grateful, time to face problems head on with the 4 philosophies, time to stand still in the life I have built and FEEL it.

Today I'm grateful for:

my faith that the small things can change the world. A well meant smile of greeting, a sincere touch, a single dollar, a pretty card, a kind word of encouragement. These things will change the world as surely as Oprah's millions.

the power of an inspired Christmas Playlist. Don't just drag and drop every Christmas song you have into your MP3 Player. Take the time to listen and to create one that moves you. I made mine for 2009 last night. Here is is:

1) All I want for Christmas by SheDaisey

2) You're a mean one Mr. Grinch

3) God rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Barenaked Ladies

4) 12 days - Straight no Chaser

5) The entire Carpenters Christmas Portrait CD

6) Rudolf the red nose Reindeer - Jack Johnson

7) Darcy the Dragon - Roger Whittaker

8) Little Drummer Boy - David Bowie & Bing Crosby

9) We Three Kings - Go Fish

10) Go Tell it on the Mountain - James Taylor

These songs warm me from the inside out for many reasons. Some bring back memories of Christmases gone by, some say what I want to say, some just make me happy. It took me about an hour to create my playlist and to publish it on Facebook. I dropped these songs into my main playlist and hit the random button. Each time I hear one pop up it's like a little gift. The hour spent digging though beautiful music, digging in Youtube for them and posting them was wonderful fun. Since I play my Ipod all day at work I'm spreading the joy.

having a spectacularly unspectacular morning. There is nothing like 2 weeks of crappy mornings to make you truly grateful for a normal one. I didn't even mind the hamster tongue up my nose this morning.

My mom. Life is very hard for her right now but she is trying. I've never seen anyone work so hard to be happy in all my life. I'm very, very proud of her and I love her beyond measure. My Mommy rocks. Oh, and she can take yours. No, seriously, my mom is in amazingly good shape. How many great grandmas do you know that take Tribal Funk dance/Zumba classes?

Dave. My husband, aka the man. I am grateful and proud to be his wife. I make jokes all the time about what he has to put up with and how hard being married to me is and all the stuff I put him through but you know, those are MY observations. HE will tell you that I am a good cook and that I'm "not all that bad" and that I'm the love of his life. He introduces me with pride, he knows the perfect time to play deaf and blind, he does little things around the house without ever being asked, he regularly tells me that he loves me and he says "Thank you for everything you do" randomly. Oh, and let's not forget that he is pretty damn good lookin. In other words, "I" have Prince Charming. Sorry ladies, you can all stop looking. I wasn't always able to see how wonderful he is, and like any man, he isn't AWLAYS wonderful, but he always loves me. He is my one true and best love. How could I not be grateful for that?

my puppy. I whined, I begged, I bribed and I pleaded for a puppy. I got one. To say he's a puppy is an understatement. He is 13 weeks and small for his age. "I" need to man up and be the grown-up in our relationship. When I do that, instead of whining about "my 8 minutes" our mornings go brilliantly. Roy the Boy, the humping hamster is no more. Roy, our new puppy, the youngest and smallest family member had a brilliant morning. And my reward for being a good Mommy? I got puppy breath kisses on the nose. Well worth losing my 8 minutes for.

my boss. She is a wonderful and caring woman. She has agreed to go 95% paperless AND she is willing to back up her decision with all that is necessary to carry that out. I know 1 paperless office will not reverse global warming, empty landfills, or even make a LARGE impact. What it will do is reduce our footprint and make our owners and tenants aware of an issue "WE" feel is important. Several of our elderly owners, folks that have never bothered to TURN ON their computers have now created Gmail accounts just so they can get their statements paperless and a couple have even said they are going to take "this environmental stuff" to heart. DO NOT tell me small things won't change the world. I'll make you go talk to Mr. Zuzzle.

Progresso soup. Lentils & spinach. Seriously, this stuff is awesomeness in a can. Throw in 1 serving of Animal Crackers and you have a rocken lunch.

Today my list is not long but it is from the heart. That will have to do. Now I'm back to passing out smiles and candy canes to the freaks and their spawn. That reminds me. I'm gonna need a new bottle of glass cleaner.

I'm no pro. In fact, I'll admit to being a poor excuse for an armature.
BUT, I like my photos. They make me happy. What else matters?

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