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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Gratitude

Well let’s see, this morning started with the sound of a hamster puking on my bed, of me lifting said puking hamster off the bed to the floor, of hamster yelping so loud he woke the man, of me cleaning up hamster puke from the bed and the floor @ 2:37 A.M. Of the alarm going off and the hamster, still on the floor, nowhere to be seen. Apparently he is trained enough to know he was naughty for pissing and pooping on my bedroom floor. Oh, and more puke. What made the hamster puke you ask? Seems he decided to eat a rather large dust bunny. The dust bunny decided to fight back. *yawns*

All that aside, I am in a very good mood. One could even say I'm leaking sunshine and farting rainbows. I've decided to just let it all go. It's just not worth the effort of being crabby. I'm enjoying the unscheduled sunshine, I'm passing out candy canes to freak spawn, I'm complementing the freaks on their Christmas sweaters, light up snowman earrings, and Crocs with the little plastic Christmas trees stuffed in the holes. Oh, and the best yet! The Stunning bleach blond with the "Christmas" tube top doing double duty as a top AND a bra for her Double D's. The green stretch jeans just topped it off so perfectly. When I asked sweetly "OH! Where can I get a pair?" I was told "At the Wal-Marts Sweetie! Of course!" Oh how silly of me to even ask...

Today I'm grateful for:

mastering the art of screwing with the freaks. They leave happy and with candy so who gets hurt?

Letting it all go. It's Christmas, I refuse to let it be marred by a foul attitude.

Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Album. I forgot I loaded it on Steve for the Pixie. I have been singing along and grinning all day. It's awesomeness w/ helium voices.

a cute boy following me home. I got a text saying he would. *crosses fingers, toes and eyes*

Pixie kisses in the morning. Since she started school she is rarely up when I leave for work. She left her key at school AGAIN and had to take my key and lock the door behind me when I left. Though she was only 1/2 conscious and her breath smelled like a 4 day old dead troll, I got morning Pixie kisses. They were wonderful.

free hamster cages. When you're nice to people, sometimes they are nice back. This is my reward for telling Ms. Tube-Top I loved her fashion with a straight face.

being in a good mood. I've been subliminally crabby for so long, I forgot how good it feels to just feel good.

morning work-outs. Don't get me wrong, I STILL hate the stationary beast, but I LOVE the feeling I get from FINISHING a work out. I think next week I'm going to go to a 2 work out a day routine until I can take Roxie out again. I am counting the days till DST is over!

still being 191 lbs. Given how naughty I was last night, I should have gained that lb back. I was an angel at dinner, I was a dumbass at dessertand, and. Um, yeah...

Whole Grain Wild Rice. Had this stuff with my green beans and steamed chicken last night. It's freakin awesomeness! It's even pretty :)

Today's Poohism: “It gets you nowhere if the other person's tail is only just in sight for the second half of the conversation.” Right on Pooh *thumbs up*

Could you resist that face?

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