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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Gratitude

Today I'm grateful for:

naps. OMG did that feel good! The hamster curled up next to me and "POOF" an hour was gone.

brunch. I love Sunday brunch. It just sucks I crashed and burned. When I woke, everyone had gone home. *sighs* Next brunch will be Christmas day. No napping that day!

the Singing Christmas tree. No rain today! It's gonna be awesome!

the Dorcus ladies calling me Debbie. It just seems right. Hey, they invited me to see a play in April. It's gonna be fun!

giving out the last of the cookie bags. Pastor Hal, Pastor Ken, John & Amy all got theirs today. I just pray I put Betty and not Becky *twitch* that woman has been so sweet to me. I KNOW her name is Betty. I was so tired this morning I said the wrong name *cringes*

Sundays. Even ones that start too early and involve 2 year olds.

June, the 2 year old whisperer. Again she saved my bacon and made it fun. Again

Goldfish. They turned a screaming 2 year old into a coloring, happy, chewing 2 year old.

Ms. Valerie. She showed me the ropes and invited me to serve in the kitchen w/ Chef Leroy. Whooohooo! Do free nibbles come with that job? Um, you may have to guard the green beans from me. I LOVE Chef Leroy's green beans.

well hamsters. When I got home from church last night the hamster was looking green. He was all shakes and shivers and head bobbing and dry heaving. The man was worried and if the MAN's worried you know it's bad. I took a guess and figured it was a case of too many pills. 1 round worm pill, 1 flea pill, one heart worm pill. We babied him and fussed over him and when I sprung him from the alien transporter this morning all hints of green were gone. I got my good boy morning hamster ready for the day. He will be going with us to the Singing Christmas Tree tonight.

80° weather and bright sunshine. HA! TOLD YOU IT'D BE BACK! Now, if you will excuse me, I have a hamster to walk and a big pink bike to ride before church tonight.

(tomorrow I have Jury Duty. I may not get my gratitudes up till late)

Random 2009 photos.
It was a very good year.

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