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Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Gratitude

Today I don't have much to report so I'll just be grateful.

Today I'm grateful for:

a boss who brings in homemade stew for the office just because she can. Have I mentioned my boss rocks? She knows how to treat a superhero.

hamsters. We had a great weekend. Even with wormy piles and puddles found by socks. The church ladies wore his tail out. He slept through the night and didn't even pout when I shut the transporter door on him.

the alien hamster transporter. Roy now views it as home and CHOOSES to sleep in it. I cannot tell you how much Mommy guilt this alleviates.

my meeting with Santa this evening. It should produce some top quality Christmas loot for both man and Pixie.

God. He's teaching me patience one avoided meltdown at a time.

Christmas capes and live Dora Dolls.

not dreading Mondays. Even jury duty ones.

no one being hurt on this morning’s school bus accident. From where I sat in the thick fog, it looked bad.

white chocolate. Normally I HATE chocolate of any kind. Some days I enjoy a piece of dark chocolate. Today, for some reason, I have eaten my weight in white chocolate.

The new music reality TV show that starts tonight. You can't have too much quality TV.

being productive. It's nice occasionally but may I go back to slacking now? Please? *twitch*

I just pulled all the pics off my cell. I so forgot about this one!
This is when I got a ride in my Grandpa's Model T

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