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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Gratitude

Today I'm grateful for:

an $11 vet bill. You see, apparently the hamster has been eating fleas. Did you know eating fleas causes worms? Glad I know now. I must remember to avoid eating fleas. To all you Anvantix users out there? Um, yeah, it don't work. I just made the hamster eat a Comfortis pill. We shall see. In the mean time, my vet rocks! I had NO appointment, I showed up at opening, they got me right in, the fed the hamster a pill and we were on the way home. Total bill? $11 for the pill. Awesomeness man, total freakin awesomeness.

helping a friend move. No, seriously, it was fun. Now, mind you, she and I were in the house chatting and packing while the men were hauling, lugging and pushing large pieces of furniture in the rain, but hey, "I" had fun. I'm gonna miss my BFF being 3 doors down though *le sigh, le cry*

having a dog that LIKES to eat pills. Now, this may be a drawback when I drop one of mine, BUT after 17 years of trying to hide pills in cheese and having Misty yak them back up it's a nice change. Today Roy ate the worm pill, his new flea pill and his heart worm pill without a struggle and NO cheese. I didn't have to hide it at all. In fact, the little beasty sat up and begged for it. Good Boy Roy!

serving at church. I've been wanting to be of service to my church for months now. I finally managed it. Tonight I help in the kitchen prepping for the big family brunch tomorrow, tomorrow I help serve the brunch and lead the 2 year old class. Oh, and I get to deliver my church cookie boxes tomorrow. Nice, very nice. To bad the Singing Christmas Tree has been canceled due to rain *sighs* but with any luck, I'll get to see it tomorrow. *prays* If you're in the area, come on by tomorrow night. Live band, live music, under the starts and free hot chocolate. Can you think of anything better?

Jury duty. Since I can't get out of it and it IS my civil duty, I've decided to be grateful for it. At least it's a change of pace and I can get some good reading in while I wait. With luck I'll get an easy case, BUT if I get the big nasty one going on here in Clay County, you will hear me scream from there. Yes, even you in Alaska will hear me scream.

not freaking out over all I need to get done. Have I mentioned I have Jury duty tomorrow? I also have the Ornament swap on the 17th, have to bake cookies for and serve at the Angel Tree dinner on the 20th, do ALL my Christmas shopping next Saturday (seriously) grocery shop for our Christmas dinner & wrap the gifts. Um, Christmas is only 12 days away *twitch* I WILL NOT FREAK OUT, I WILL BE GRATEFUL.

God. He gave his only son. For me and mine. When I look at the Pixie I KNOW I couldn’t do it, but he did. Thank you and I love you are hollow in the face of that, but really, it's all he asks.

My tree.
This year's theme? "Over the top"

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