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Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Gratitude

WhoooHOOOhoooo! It's cookie box delivery day! What is it about handing out these little boxes of sweet treats I so enjoy? I have no freakin clue but I do. It brings me joy.

Oh, the hamster? Well he made the Pixie very unhappy yesterday when she walked him after school. Apparently he found; and decided it was a yummy treat. Much to the Pixie's horror. She chased him down and had to dig it out of his mouth. "Bad Hamster!" Um, yeah, it was a good thing she told me this over the phone cuz I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. I think the kid washed her hands more last night then she has in the last year. *pats Roy* Thanks boy!

Last night was a GREAT night! I think all the begging for cookie treats tuckered him out. I stuffed him in the transporter last night and after only a few moments of yapping, he settled down for the night. Not a yip or yap to be heard. What a good boy! This morning's Mystery Date was no mystery. I got my Good Boy Morning Hamster. We had another good morning. Do we have this morning thing down or is he just trying to catch me off guard? We shall see, but for THIS morning he was both awesome and entertaining. Puddles and Piles were unloaded outside, breakfast was eaten and not dumped on the Foyer floor and the morning sideshow was entertaining as always. This morning’s show was an enactment of "The Rug Looked at me Funny" a wonderfully entertaining story about how the throw rug in front of the door had the gall to call attention to itself and how Roy had to teach it a lesson. While I rode the stationary beast, Roy rode the rug. Dragging it into the foyer, pouncing on it, crawling under it, barking at it and pulling it around by its tag. By the time I finished my 20 minute work-out the rug was down for the count. It's tag missing in action, several threads pulled loose, and it had more runs in it than last night’s pair of pantyhose. Roy 1 rug 0.

Off to the showers Roy and I went. He guarded, I showered, all was as it should be. UNTIL I got on the scale. *sighs* 192.2. You're kidding me right? You see the sledge hammer over there dont'cha? I'm ramping up to full blown meltdown mode when I feel something brush against my calf. I turn around a bit and look down. There, looking up at me, tail wagging was Roy, with his two front paws on the back of the scale. I kid you not and I am not taking creative liberties. There he was with his two paws on the back of the scale. Tail wagging and a "Look, I's helpin Mommy" look on his face. I force my tone to be calm as I say "awe, sweet boy, please get off the scale" and deposit him to one side. With a glare of warning at Shank, I remount the scale and wait. 192 even. I'll take it. It's not the vile 192.2 and it's down from yesterday's 194.4.

While I dressed Roy sat quietly chewing on his morning denta-bone, must clean the poop off his teeth after all. All was calm and all was bright, UNTIL I pulled on my Christmas socks. Something about my red Christmas socks must have been an affront to Roy's fashion sense because he started to bark, and nip, and growl and scratch at my feet. All the while I'm hopping around shouting "Ouch! No! Stop! Hey quit that!" He hated my sock so much and caused such a fuss that I had to put my shoes on. Sucks they are leather baby doll shoes. The socks peeks through around the strap. He kept at it, only now accosting the top of my feet. Do you know how painful hamster nips are on that sensitive skin? Freakin OUCH man! I had to pick him up and put him on my bed and sit on my feet in order to say my prayers then quickly toss him in the Alien hamster Transporter so I could say goodbye to the Pixie without my feet being further assaulted. *makes a mental note to toss the Red Christmas Socks* they are so not worth the pain.

Today I'm grateful for:

Alien Hamster Transporters. They are epic feet savers & hamster trainers.

playing Santa. I get to deliver cookie boxes today. What fun! Giving is epic yellow ink for the sharpie. I'm all decked out in red w/ my Christmas socks and tacky red jingel bell earrings worthy of the freakiest of freaks. Ho Ho Freakin Ho Dude! *booty dances*

post cards to grandma. Yeah I know. I'm not supposed to read the Pixie's mail but I couldn't help it! It was just sitting there, waiting for me to mail it to grandma! *looks innocent* My kid is awesomeness in strawberry blond form. I cried like a baby and just HAD to scan it and email it to mom so she didn't have to wait. I didn't even tell her that Grandma was going through a tough time right now. She just somehow knew. Seriously, my kid rocks. *gets all weepy*

weighing in at 192 even. Removing the hamster shaved off .2 oz and saved Shank from meeting Bob. It was a good thing because cleaning up the carnage would have made me late for work.

the nice man who tried to help me at the gas station. I'm afraid I snapped at him. I didn't mean to! He was just trying to help *hangs head* luckily I got the chance to apologize and he accepted with grace and a "I know, it's a woman thing" smile on his face. I'm very glad I left the sporks at home today. It's so freaking annoying! This is the 3rd time in a row the gas nozzle cut off after only giving me a few gallons of gas. I KNOW I needed more than 8 gallons. Sally said she was 16 mile to empty. She does NOT have an 8 gallon tank. I'm not sure what's going on. The man's gonna have to check it. I thought it was pump error the first time but now I know it's not. 3 times, 2 different gas stations. Grrrrrr! The nice man came over to help and told me "Yup, she's full." Hey! I said I was sorry! I managed to get her full but I had to hold the pump handle at half mass and let the gas *drip, drip, drip* into the tank. Figures this morning was the coldest morning thus far! Oh, and I was already running late. *mutters* Thank God for Sally's Purr and LOUD Christmas music. By the time I got to work a whole 3 minutes late (have I mentioned I'm anal about being late?) I was back in the yellow.

being in a really good mood. I've been in a good mood for awhile now. I like it. It suites me.

Cold weather. It's back to being cold. Well, cold for Florida. It's good sleepy time snuggle weather. It's getting to wear my big red shirt weather. It's cold noses and ears weather. It's 40°, no snow, back to 80° in 3 days weather. I likes it. I don't even mind the grey skies yet again cuz hey, it's Florida, I KNOW we will have bright and sunny skies again soon. So for now, I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy. Oh, and most likely make fun of my mother and daughter suck in D.C.'s grey, wet, snowy for 4 months weather. *snickers*

The Alien Hamster Transporter.
 Bonus, that's the stationary beast right behind it.
Come on, I KNOW you guys were interested.

The hamster w/ his pet Pixie

Cookie Box Assembly Line 2009

Pepermint Bark

Bags this year and not boxes.

The Brownies

Brownies looked so good I had to have 2 photos *drools*

Peanut Butter Cookies w/ Fork marks

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