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Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Gratitude

Today I'm struggling. LOTS.

Internal issues, resentments and prejudices I didn't know I possessed are blocking my gratitude today. It's been 3 years, it's time for me to work this crap out. This is going to take some major prayer. I am NOT OK with this and I need to be. It's not about me it's about her and it is none of my damn business. Were it anyone else, I would be saying "shut up and deal with it. He is good people" *sighs* Pray for me friends. Pray I find grace, pray someone beats the prejudice out of me, send Karma to pay me a visit, whatever you feel is best but do it quickly. I'm afraid my mouth will chase my daughter away.

The hamster had a great weekend. Walkies were had, puddles and piles were made outside and I believe we had NO accidents in the house yesterday, though I was so busy being resentful of last evenings events I failed to notice. *sighs* BAD Alien Hamster Momma! Tonight when I get home I hope to be able to give him a walk. He just seems so much happier when he gets his walkies in. With any luck, tonight’s walks will have less leash snapping and NO'ing. I did note that the transporter spit out a rather lethargic hamster this morning. I hope he's OK. Good thing the man and the Pixie are home this week.

Today I'm grateful for:

no snow. I moved south for a reason. This would be #1 on the list.

cold weather. I like the cold, I just hate the snow. I like sweaters (hides the fluff) and tights (no leg shaving) and sleeping under blankets (less hot flashes) and warm snuggles w/ the man. Yup, I like cold weather....for a day or two.

hot coffee and Christmas cookies for breakfast. Yeah, I know but what the heck. It's Christmas.

forgetting to weigh myself this morning. What?

fast puddles and piles on a cold morning. The hamster did his business in record time. Good Boy Roy!

the boss's safe return. Yeah, yeah, I was looking forward to a couple of days slacking but given her adventures in the snowy mountains of Tennessee I'm just happy to have her home safe. THIS boss I like and want to keep.

my mom being 900 miles away. When I called her on Saturday at 7 A.M she answered the phone "Beth Ann, you'd better not be laughing" of course I was. When I called her at 11 A.M. She answered the phone "Beth Ann, I'm not kidding! I've got wet kids in my kitchen and hot chocolate stains all over the floor. This is the 2ND time they've gone out sledding." Of course, I was. When I called her at 1 P.M. she answered the phone "You're pushing your luck Beth Ann!" of course I burst into laughter, she hung up on me. When I called back at 3 P.M. she answered the phone "I have a hot toddy, laugh all you want *loud slurping noises*" I quit calling, she took all the fun out of it. Were I NOT 900 miles away my mom would have kicked my ass. She is fast, strong and determined when crossed.

Being done. Christmas shopping is done (except ONE thing for the man....maybe), gifts are wrapped, cookies are baked, stocking suffers waiting, groceries bought and stored, parties attended, church served, and Merry Christmas's said. It's all done. Now I can sit back and wait for Christmas day. Is 4 days enough time for me to get my anticipation amped up? Yup!

For all my snowbound friend.
A does of sunshine.

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