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Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Gratitude

Morning Ladies!

Thus far it's been a good day. Work is slow, specially for a Monday and the freaks are once again in hiding, the boss is going to be in court all afternoon, I started my work out & diet today, so over all, it's surprising what a good mood I'm in.

Today I'm grateful for:

growing baby bumps. Kelly indulges me and lets me rub hers. She's a good daughter. I miss the other baby bump but I'm grateful to hear my future grandspawn is doing well :)

house closings. Kent's house closed and now there are funds for the future spawn. Whoohooo!

Names. My girls are extraordinary at naming. Jackson, Reed, Connor, and Brutus. Great names girls!

successful photo editing. The light sensor on my good camera is going but for the night crawl Brutus worked brilliantly. Unfortunately, he's a dirty little bugger and deposited a ton of noise onto my images. It took me 1 full day + a little to clean up the bulk of the photos. I still have about 10 to do. All that aside, I managed to remove the noise and was left with images so extraordinary, I'm left wondering who took them.

Goal 1 complete. The stationary beast was mounted and ridden hard this morning.

goal 2 in progress. Thus far I have not cheated from the diet and I am not hungry.

goal 3. This one's gonna be tough. I need to squeeze in a palates work-out in before the BFF comes over for dinner and I have to manage to eat steamed salmon w/ veggies for dinner while feeding everyone else shrimp and rice. The man hates it when I eat different from the rest of the family.

the man. He's going to let me eat what I need to eat and feed him what he wants to eat. I have faith there will be no issue. He loves me and wants me happy.

Shank. Yes, the little bastard told me I now weigh 195.2 but I know I will NEVER, weigh this much again. I am reversing the trend NOW. Shank and I will get along from this day forward. He will give me good news or no news and I will not crush him with the man’s sledge hammer.

water. With water I can fake out my brain and make it think I'm full. Got to love self delusions.

God. He gave me an attitude adjustment in church yesterday and it's sticking.

knowing I can do it. No more whining. I'm owning it, I'm changing it.

waiting for Oprah to call. No, really, she will.

emailing my query letter to 10 agents. Let the rejection begin.

That's my list for today ladies. Nothing spectacular but it's all mine. Some are book worthy, others just are. Today's just is but still managed to make me happy and connected. Hope you two are having a great day.

Love you,

Jacksonville, FL Night Skyline.
Have I mentioned how much I love my city?

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