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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Gratitude

4 days gone in the blink of an eye. I SWEAR to you it was just yesterday I was being grateful for a 4 day weekend. *sighs* Well, I got everything I wanted to get done and more. The only thing I didn't get to do was go see the new "Christmas Carol" With luck the man and I can go see a matinee next Saturday.

Today I'm grateful for:

Sundays. As you know, it's my favorite day of the week. Church, brunch, football, naps, sleepy easy feeling. Sundays rock.

Roy the Boy. He hardly humps anymore. This could be my talk about removing his balls. Either way, my ankles are unmolested so I'm happy. MOST puddles and piles are outside where they belong and he has taken to sleeping well in our bed. I'm waking to a tongue up the nose but at least no hamster nests and we are pile and puddle free. It's a good thing.

Surviving my first foray into leading the 2 year old class at church. They let me escape unharmed. Today's lesson was "God made all things". They let me get the lesson out and read them a story. After that I was pretty much a babysitter but it was fun.

The Pixie. She's been assisting in kids worship for months now. Today she assisted Mommy and was amazing. I would have failed without her. She rocks. Oh, and she will make a damn good teacher should she decide to. She is not only a dog whisperer, but a 2 yo whisperer as well.

letting go of "outside" decorations. They are never what I want them to be, they always end up looking 1/2 assed and lame, they are ALWAYS a pain in the boohiney to clean up. This year I have a spiffy wreath on my door. It's silver and blue and made from little bells that jingle. That's good enough.

Dove Peppermint Bark. 190 calories of pure bad for you awesome goodness. I'm not a chocolate eater but this stuff freakin rocks.

Producing happy tears from the BFF's mommy. It was worth the paper jams, wasted photo paper and ink. I didn't give up and I got it to work. The reaction told me it was well worth it. That’s why I love photography. NOTING is more personal than a gift of a photo. With each gift you not only give the receiver a bit of themselves, but also of yourself. It's an awesome feeling when you get it right.

being invited to assist in the kitchen at church. I hear the kitchen group is the happenin group. This is gonna be fun!

John liking my project "The Heart of Christ" Though it's not exactly what I wanted, I think it turned out quite nice. I'll just have to turn in another when I get it "just" right :)

having NO one on call emergency. I almost made it! Considering it was 4 days, over the Thanksgiving holiday, I am AMAZED and blessed it was only one.

not dreading Monday. I freaking love my job.

the Vikings kicking the Bears ass. Seriously, it's a spanking. Just the way I like it. I LOVE the Vikings and I HATE strongly dislike the Bears. I am a well trained wife.

being almost finished the Mother Bear and starting the BFF's Xmas gift. She leaves for Vegas soon, I must get cracking. Her momma says she's gonna love it :)

deciding on the cookie boxes for this year. They will have : chocolate chip, reverse chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin & peppermint bark. I will make 20 boxes and give them away to strangers. Spread some random holiday cheer.

mulled cider w/ bourbon. Damn that stuff was good. Speaking of holiday cheer...

faith that I will get a xmas list from the man. I will NOT be forced to guess again this year. I LOVE my man, but he is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. He will get me a list and it will not say "Good Stuff" again this year. If it does Santa is going to get a new entry on his "naughty" list.

the Pixie's advent calendar. I stuffed it gooood this year. She's gonna be a very happy Christmas Pixie.

the house having that clean, good smelling, warm, festive feeling that says "Those that live here welcome Christmas" Scrooge has been banished from this house never to return. Except on DVD of course. All versions of "A Christmas Carol" are welcome in this house.

The jingly wreath. Note the tree frog.
Got to love Christmas in Florida.

2008's cookie boxes. 2009's are going to be even better.

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