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Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Gratitude

This morning I yelled at a hamster and before you ask, yes, it was before dark and I was once more in my underpants in the back yard. Since the hamster has taken to running away from me, I now walk him in the back yard on a leash. The very same leash that frightens him. So now, instead of running from ME, he runs from the leash, STILL producing NO pee or poop. *sighs* This ONLY happens in the wee hours before dawn. When I'm able to walk him when the sun is up or *gasp* God forbid, after my first cup of coffee, or most annoying yet, when the MAN walks him, the hamster takes two steps out the door and drops a load virtually on command. Got to love it. At least I got in my first full 20 minute work out before work since bringing the little beasty home. The more pre-dawn attitude the hamster gives me, the less guilt I will feel about sniping his little hamster balls off.

Today I'm grateful for:

making it another day without being posted on YouTube

a full 20 minute workout.

The Pixie NOT missing the school bus. She called at 8:45 A.M. when she is supposed to be at the bus stop at 8:50 A.M. that she had managed to lose not just one, but TWO house keys and would be unable to lock the house. Thank GOD for the BFF. She ran to my house and locked the door. Wait till the Pixie discovers she is locked out. Sucks I wont be there to see her face. She is a very lucky Pixie. Daddy will get home less than 15 minutes later. Bet those 15 minutes are the longest of her life. I also bet she finds at least one of those keys TONIGHT. After all, she had them Friday. She let herself in.

having a great weekend. 4 days went to fast but I got a lot done.

being ready for the 1st of the month freak parade. I am 100% caught up. I even managed to get the filing done. Spiffy

showing the new guy who's boss and being backed by the boss. Dude, trying to throw me under the bus is NOT a good idea. The boss KNOWS how I work. You may want to go wipe that egg off your face. Hurry now, before I spork you.

Christmas music.

my head not expolding when Shank told me I was back up to 192 lbs. A 6 lb gain in 4 days

feeling God's love. This morning I was not at my bright and shining best yet I was in a very good mood by the time I was on my way to work. I felt God saying "this is for you. I forgive you, but do please quit yelling at the hamster and it was NOT nice cutting that guy off back there." Um, yes Lord. I'll do better, and Um, thanks. Love you too dude.

Pick your shade and BE the sharpie. Color your world bright.

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