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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Gratitude

Today I'm crabby. Not sure why really. I have no good excuse. It just is what it is I suppose. I'm a woman, we are prone to random crabbiness. With luck and a good, swift kick in the ass I hope to shift to the left before the company arrives. I have managed to be productive. I've prepared my Sunday School lesson, finished my project for the visual arts display at church, prepped the dough for the bread and prepped the crock-pot to produce first class pea soup. I even managed to get the laundry going. Soon I'll have the tree up. So, I'm crabby but productive...hmmmm, I sense a theme here.

Today I'm grateful for:

being productive.

getting the Christmas decorations up.

getting the Pixies advent calendar shopping done. Who knew picking out 25 tiny little gifts could be such a LARGE job.

Getting the BFF's Christmas gift. Now I just have to make it. Hope I stay productive!

lighted crochet hook. Since we life in a bat cave, that thing is freakin awesome! I can see what I'm doing without bugging the man. They rock!

finishing my project for church. It's not quite what I wanted, but I like it a lot.

being the heart of Christ. He puts me first in all he does. I pray I'm strong enough to return the favor.

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