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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Gratitude

Today I'm grateful for:

My church. Seriously. 15 years ago they chose to go against the "norm". They went 100% contemporary in order to reach out to those "nobody else wanted" the lost, the forgotten, the hurt, the abandoned. They lost 50% of their congregation in doing so. Well, I'm one of "those" they were trying to reach and I'm here to say thank you. I'm saved because of the choices you made 15 years ago. Oh, and any church that plays the Beatles during the worship hour simply rocks.

Sundays. They feed my spirit and start my week off perfectly.

The sound track of my life. It has grown to include 5,924 songs, can play without repeat for 16.7 days and takes up 26.42 G of HD space. It has every conceivable genre. I kid you not. Between the man and I we have Heavy metal to Christian bluegrass, American Classical to Hindi, Country to rap. Our openness to music equals our openness to life. We are what we listen to. We belive what we sing. We are "those" people and that makes me happy.

Helping. I don't do it enough but all that I do just makes me grateful and that leaves me wanting to do more. That kind of catch 22 I can live with.

frames 1/2 off. Can't beat that with a big stick. Hmmmm, wonder what I'm gonna give out at gifts this year? *ponders*

hamster kisses. Roy the Boy has been a naughty hamster today but he gives the best kisses and snuffles so all is forgiven. Thank goodness hamster puddles and piles are very easy to clean up.

big pink bikes that call me to adventure. There are ducks to stalk and winking cats to meow at. I've misses Roxie. Is DST over yet? *sighs*

Green smoothies. Even when I forget the green they are yummy.

2 days of raw left. Then, THANKSGIVING! If you have to detox for a week this is the week to do it. Diets make you binge, Thanksgiving makes you binge. This year I get a twofer. One less binge has to be a good thing....right?

weighing in at 187.2 another full pound down. Whoohoo! After a week of raw, this looks incredibly good. THIS is my treat for next week. *drools*

sun. the rain finally stopped and the sun has come out. After I drop the Pixie off at Church I may just go for that ride w/ Roxie.

being my own hero. Really, I am totally awesome. I made the PERFECT dinner for the family last night. BBQ steak marinated and cooked to perfection, HUGE, LOADED baked potatoes, Corn on the Cob and Yeast Rolls. While the family ate, enjoyed and raved, I ate a spinach salad. That took EPIC will I didn't know I possessed. Yes, I am my own hero. Thankyouverymuch.

Pixie thinking

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