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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Gratitude

Today I'm grateful for:

Piles outside. While we are still working on the puddles, it seems Roy has the hang of piles. We have not had a pile incident since Wednesday.

being down another pound. Shank tells me I am 188.2. That is a full pound lost since yesterday morning.

the discovery of raw organic cashews. OMG they are good. I had the most amazing salad for dinner last night. Baby spinach, yellow pepper, organic dried cranberries and apples, and raw organic cashews. It totally rocked and I'm going to have it for lunch today. It's so odd to read a label and see "raw organic cashews" or "sun dried cranberries and Apples" and nothing else. I mean hell, I couldn't even get a bottle of water to say "Water" Publix rocks! They have the best selection of Organics I've ever seen.

Publix. It's made this raw journey much easier.

not being intimidated by how much I have to get done today. I mean, really, what’s the worst that's gonna happen if it don't all get done? I will make sure the top 5 are done. 1) clean bathrooms 2) sweep and mop the floors 3) go grocery shopping4) play with the hamster 5) do my list and say my prayers. Everything else is a bonus.

making teddy bears. I start making teddy bears for this: I get to learn a new project and I get to make babies happy. Got to love a good holiday twofer.

not much today, sorry about that but I have bears to make and a puppy to play with. Oh and a house to clean and food to buy. Maybe...

Just in case you couldn't guess, that's a hair peice on my mom's head.
It was frosted.
I remember playing with it one day and ooooh was mom pissed.
I pretended it was a skunk.

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