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Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Gratitude

Well, it was a good weekend. I took my procrastination skill to a whole nuther level. I did NOT clean my house. My bathrooms are still bio-hazards, my floors are still a dust bunny 5 star resort and my kitchen sink now smells like a combination of hot garbage and wet dog. I managed to prod myself into doing the grocery shopping though. Wal-Mart was not as scary as I thought it would be. Guess the yam scammers in the Tinkerbelle boxers and halter tops are waiting till the marshmallows go on sale at midnight on Wednesday.

The hamster had a naughty weekend. I don't think he pooped outside once and he has taken a liking to my dining room carpet. It also seems he has a crush on my nephews ankle much to the amusement of his little brother. Despite all the pooping, humping and chewing, the moments I walked into the house from shopping and church to the happy snuffles of the welcome home hamster dance made it all worth it.

So, the weekend review? Tides of procrastination, with touches of inspiration, validation and jubilation. Throw in a dancing hamster, baby bump conversations, raw detoxing with a 2 pound weight loss and there you have my weekend in a nice neat package. As Stich would say "Was good, Ya, Good"

Today I'm grateful for:

shaking the 1 lb limit. This morning Shank weighed me in at 186 even. That means I lost 1.2 lbs in one day. HA! I beat the 1 lb limit. Skinny Granny here I come! *booty dances*

the hamster. Yes, he pooped in the house ALL freaking weekend, yes he humped my nephews leg to the giggles and glee of Little Terry, yes he chewed on the bands mic cord and drum kit, but I am grateful. I'm grateful for the warm ball of fluff in my chair butt thumping me for more room. I'm grateful for the "I'm so happy your home!" snuffle & shuffle. I'm grateful for the hamster kisses and I'm grateful for puppy love.

day 6 of the detox! I can NOT believe I've made it 6 days. I would have bet you cold hard cash that I'd have caved in the first 3 2 days. Oh, I've cheated but not with ANYTHING cooked. I've drank my coffee, I've had 2 LifeWater's, I've sprayed my salad and I ate a breath mint yesterday. That's the extent of my cheating. Fancy that, I have a strong will after all. I freakin rock man!

focusing on the small. I'm choosing to take great joy in my daily diet success and NOT look at the big picture. The big picture tells me I've lost 4.6 lbs since I started. The small picture tells me I lost 1.2 lbs in ONE day. I like the small. I will gather the small like wild flowers. Bunch enough small together and you have one very beautiful bouquet.

3 day work week! WhooooHoooo! So, today's not really Monday. It's Wednesday. Happy Hump day everyone!

my gifts. I have to many to count but counting them is so much fun! *does her best Sesame Street Count impression* One, one blessing of the spirit. Two, Two blessings of Health. Three! Three blessings of children. Four, Four blessings of grandchildren! ....

Well, I'll count you later folks. I need to get back to work. After all, today is Wednesday and I have so much to do before Friday!

Meet the baby bumps.
Oh, yeah, and my daughters.

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