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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Gratitude

Yesterday was a trial. I struggled every moment of the entire 24 hours just to not spork random strangers. I let frustration take hold of me and I could not shake it's grasp. Even this morning I woke pretty frustrated but finally managed to shake it, sort of. Thanks to Sundays and church.

Today I'm grateful for:

Sundays and their ability to make what's wrong right.

Kidstuff. My church rocks. Literally.

Pastor Ken trying to explain bogies and birdies to the Pre-K set. It was hilarious.

patience. When the battery on my camera died after taking the FIRST photo at church, I did not throw it on the floor of the sanctuary and jump up and down on it in search of the satisfying "Crunch" I just put it away.

days I struggle. They make the good days noticeably better.

patience. I still don't have any but God keeps testing me. Perhaps one day I'll "get" it. I'm grateful God has not given up on me yet.

the BFF's got her Mommy. I'm glad she has arms to hug her and a shoulder to lean on. I'm glad she got to come to church with us too.

prayers for the BFF. LOTS of people are saying prayers for a successful and safe surgery. You can never have too many prayers.

yummy banana bread. Damn I'm a good cook.

Tonight is breakfast for dinner and "Aliens in the Attic". It's gonna be a yummy, funny, family night.

faith in myself. The skinny Granny assures me I will survive Wednesday's water fast and 6 days of a raw detox. Skinny Granny is hot so I know I can trust her.

faith in God. I believe in him, he believes in me.

faith in tomorrow. It will arrive and be better than today. Even if it's Monday.

Not my church, but a pretty church none the less.

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