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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Gratitude

Today I'm grateful for:

Kelly's new house. It's freakin awesome man! She has been looking, worrying and stressing for months now. She finally has a house. It's the best of the bunch too! Yeah for Kelly!

the man liking the house across the street from Kelly's. It's the 3 car garage that did it }:)

Kent closing on his house. My Kelly FINALLY made a OB appointment. I pray with all my heart the baby is OK. I'll trade in Steve, Sally AND Roxie for a healthy baby.

Keeping my goals small. Goal 1, ride the stationary beast Monday Morning. One goal at a time, one step at a time and I will make it to my big goal.

coming in 2nd from last in a bike race. It seems the one I wanted to race in has been cancled or changed. I can no longer find the information on it but this will not stop me. By fall of next year I will find one, enter one, and complete my goal. I have 100% confidence in myself. I KNOW I can do it.

girls night out. We are gonna get some AWESOME photos, have a great dinner and sterling conversation.

the REAL film camera to play with. It's gonna be so much fun! Thanks Kelly! I promise not to drop it in the fountain. *crosses heart*

My mother in law sounding so damn good. She sounds like an entirely new woman. God is good.

the basics. Having God, my health, my family, our jobs, some money in the bank, our house, and my man. THESE are the things I'm truly grateful for. Everything else on this list and any other will always be secondary to these. As long as I have these, I am blessed beyond measure.

A fountain at Betsy Ross's house. Oh hush, I like it.

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