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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 304 - The Aftermath


Last night was the "surprise" party for the man. It was a great success. Even if I let the "surprise!" out of the bag 3 hours before the party *sighs*

Family came, and family stayed until 4:30AM. We are all a bit lethargic today but we are happy, we are still 4 strong and I got extra hugs from Ms. Amy and Ms. Donna today.

Oh, and I was let in on a secret. Sorry, I can't tell you so don't ask. I will say that I'm sending out mad love to the one is is two. x0x0 Love you!

I love Sundays.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

a clean house. We cleaned like mad yesterday. We had a party that lasted until 4:30AM and you know what? The house is still clean. Total awesomeness dude.

a baby secret.

hugs from Ms. Mary, Ms. Amy and Ms. Donna. They are the cherries on the Ice Cream Sunday.

Sunday trips to the library.

not being crushed by the fact that I completely forgot to take photos last night and only being mildly annoyed that I don't have a camera to take to the library with me today.

bread pudding fresh from the oven.

afternoon football with the boys. The man is happy watching football with his brothers. Which means the girls and I can sneak out to the library.

Please excuse the short list while we get to steppin...

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  1. Los lonely Boys played when the page came up. It was perfect with the pic. Sunday was a lot of. Glad I finally learned how to play Hearts. Now... time to own at it! LOL