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Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 288 - It's A Carpenters Kinda Day


Today I'm still slightly off center and now, I'm holding my breath. There is something brewing in the air that I'm not willing to share with anyone quite yet. But, if, perhaps, maybe, Lord willing, it goes the right way, we can quit balancing life on the edge of a knife. The fact that we have yet to be sliced by the this blade is testament to God's grace and my husbands intelligent design. I thank God for him, I thank him for this life. I know he's suffered many a sleepless night thinking and worrying and he never let it show. My heart and my head are full of a serious case of the warm fuzzies for my man. So, you know what that makes? It makes for a Carpenters Kinda Day

*breaks out singing loudly and slightly off key*

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

a raging case of the warm and fuzzies.


no worries. "Thy will be done" is the best prayer ever. Even if it's the hardest to pray.

the Carpenters. They were the soundtrack of my youth. You've heard of comfort food? Well their Comfort music. When I'm stressed, when I'm warm and fuzzy, when I'm overwhelmed, I channel Karen Carpenter. Lilly is stuffed full of 4 CD's worth of "Carpenters Greatest Hits". I mean come on, whats not to love? You young people don't know jack. THIS is music.

weekend plans. With God's blessing and some luck, we may be able to add some celebrating to our epic weekend of funness.

BFF's. Mine has taken in an abandoned Pixie. The Pixie was going to stay home with her sister but unfortunately there is a raging lunatic running around these parts. One that killed his brother, his brother's best friend and tried to kill his parents. He's been loose and on the run for nearly a week now. NO WAY I'm leaving the Pixie alone while her big sis works. SOOOOO, at the last possible minute I call up the BFF and she does what BFF's do. She says "Sure! No problem!" I love my BFF.

cleaning up good. My man looks hot in a suit. Seriously yummy. When he wears his suit I want to drink the "Drink Me" bottle and climb into his pockets. Oh well, a weekend away in St. Augustine will have to do. I see some serious snuggle time coming with a side order of epic hand holding and, if the stars align, maybe even a little snogging. (Lisa, get your mind out of the gutter)

fresh fodder for the Shutterbug. Brutus and I are going to make up and get reacquainted. I hope for some magic.

tone mapping. This is news to me and totally rocks. It makes photographs look hyper real. Not real, but real maxed out. It's always obvious when tone mapping is used, however, you usually don't care. Unless your a "realist snob". I usually prefer realistic, but I make exceptions from time to time.

Wilbur. I had him way longer than I ever anticipated. He made me better, he taught me lessons and he showed me what I want. I am grateful for the time I had with him and I'm ready to move on. Better for having known him.

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