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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 272

  Wow, it's Wednesday already!  That means that I, George, have been entrusted with the task of completing a gratitude list for my friend Beth while she enjoys some time off for bible study and reflection.  Since I am used to using the internet for emails and as a liberal pulpit, the idea of actually writing something like this down really hadn't occurred to me before having met Beth.  It's not as difficult as I thought but not as easy as many might think!

My list for today:

 A Break in the Weather- we've had rain for two days, and expect ALOT in the next 24 hours.  Why we couldn't get some of this during the Summer I just don't know.  At any rate, we got a break here, with some intermittent sunshine thrown in for good measure.  This allowed me to get in nearly 13 miles on the bicycle today.

My Bike- boy I enjoy riding my bike.  Always did as a kid, and I find I love it just as much now.  The higher quality equipment available today makes putting on the miles easier than ever.  I probably mentioned it in the last post I made, but I'm still grateful that I have it so I'm mentioning it again!

Dunkin Donuts Iced Mocha- okay, YOU tell me what's better than a large with cream & sugar?  Yeah I know it's 400 calories but that's why I ride my bike everywhere I can!  The location on New Fall Rd near Penn Valley Rd makes them the best.  I think they might be one of the few locations that doesn't skimp on the ingredients.  They also know what to make as soon as we come through the door.   Hmmm, maybe I'm in there too often....

My Guitar- I hadn't been practicing as much as I'd like for quite some time.  This week I have probably spent more quality time with my axe than in the previous several weeks, trying to work in vocals while doing so.  I believe I may spend some more time this evening, and perhaps even treat her to new strings and a nice polishing.  Shes been neglected for awhile, poor thing.

 Having A Spare PC- I am writing on my "old" desktop, because I evidently somehow didn't notice my anti-virus had expired.  Last night, something took over and displayed porn thumbnails on my desktop, and wouldn't allow my browser to open so I could download antivirus.  I just switched the towers and will give it to my brother to fix.  Today, I double checked the antivirus on my laptop and ran Spybot on it too.

Bucks County Bicycle- I could go on and on about these guys.  They take care of walk ins immediately.  I purchased a five year service/tune-up plan for my bike.  I can go as often as I like or need to go and basic maintenance  and adjustments are free.  Today while riding at the park my rear derailleur started to act up, so I made the all-uphill ride to the shop, where he put the bike on the stand and adjusted the stretched cable.  Much like the guitar strings I'll be installing tonight, new cables on bike stretch, and evidently I'm doing enough riding that this plan will pay for itself in the first year.

My Buddys- no particular reason, but today I reflected on how I liked the group of guys I hang around with.  They won't see this so I can continue to bust on them and act miserable!  I don't think any of them would hesitate to help in any way they could, if they could, any of the others in the group.  Isn't that the definition of a friend?

My Wife- Oh yes I know she was a point in Sunday's list, but Beth does it all the time so I can too!  This sentiment comes as a result of her making us get the better grill instead of the cheapie I had planned on buying a few summers ago when we moved in.  I had the most tender juicy chicken tonight.  I can cook just about anything you can think of, and if I've cooked it before I can make it to your specifications, with ease, on this grill.  Thanks Terry!  That reminds me that I better get the cover on it and take the umbrella down before this alleged storm hits.

My Trainer- James kicks my butt pretty good two or three time a week depending on scheduling issues.  WHAT!?  You have a trainer?!  Listen, it sounds expensive but here's the scoop:  My insurance pay $150 towards the gym membership, which is about $275/yr.  My trainer costs me less than an average smoker spends on cigarettes in a year based on 1 pack a day.  I figure I'm really not spending a whole lot of money  on a much healthier activity.  At any rate I digress.  I've lost the weight and keep it off.  James has worked my body to where I'm stronger and in better shape than when I was an athlete in high school.  He mixes up the routines and cuts no slack.  I told him I wanted to compete in my age category by this time next year, so we are working towards that goal.  The guy knows how to get results.

That's pretty much it for me.  I am not a particularly spiritual person so I have no words of inspiration to pass along.  I am glad to have had this opportunity to contribute to Beth's endeavor and hope I did not disappoint too greatly.  All I can add is I hope that everyone who reads this has a happy and prosperous life in whatever your pursuits are, or your definition of prosperity.  Peace.

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  1. when I hit the "view" button on your blog I was rewarded by Eva Cassidy's rendition of "Songbird" I find it most appropriate.

    You know that scene at the end of The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy turns to the scarecrow and says "I think I'll miss you most of all"? Well I think I'll miss your blogs the most.

    You surprised me George and in the best possible way. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and stepping into my list. It and I are the better for your efforts.

    Terry is still the hot one though... I'm just sayin