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Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 260 - When good Intentions Go Bad

I am but a mere reflection
of my life's inperfection

I had good intentions.  I was going to pass on all the tools I picked up over my lifetime. I was going to school her in the art of bi-polar management. Trouble came when I failed to practice what I preached. I became a loon gasping for air on a treadmill. I would have paid money to see a visual of myself in mid rant, jogging in place on my own hamster wheel, face red, mouth agape. Then at least I'd have been good for a laugh.

Fact: You can NOT tell someone else how to manage their emotional baggage. You do well to manage your own.

New Goal: To enjoy the 2nd chance I've been given and leave the teaching to those more qualified. And perhaps....Learn something myself.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

good intentions. Because when they go bad, at least you your intentions were good.

God Texts. Today's was "Consider your quality of living and ask yourself what you want." Ummm....can I get back to you on that one?

knowing what I want and knowing that I've received it.

my man. He was caught between two raging bi-polars last night. Not only did he survive but he became the hero of the night. The voice of reason. The calm spot in the storm. Thank you Babe. I heart you.

Exodus 1-4 under my belt. I find it interesting that God used a murder to lead his promised people to the promised land. Makes me believe that my sins are not as bad as I think they are and God may just let me in after all. Whoa, that's a relief!

being the voice of reason. There is this.....woman. She has the meanness in spades. She makes Ms. Shankabitch look like a kitten. She has been lying, she has been breaking the law and she is in violation of her contract but she continues to steal our customers Watching our customers go out the door to this woman is like Chinese water torture and each time it happens we all get more and more angry. However, it stops today. From this point forward she gets no more of our time, energy or emotion. She is not ours to rail against but Karma's to deal with. New office rule as handed down by the newly powerful office manager *flexes* All communication to *insert name* will flow through myself and the COO. All pick-ups will be in Beth's office. The Athole!'s will not win. Not on my watch *florishes the hot pink sharpie*

God. "Dear Lord help me to deal with this woman in accordance to your will not my own. There is no money in the budget for bail. I pray grace and humility flow through me so that I may beat her over the head with it so that I may be an example for her to follow. This I pray in Jesus's name. Amen." "Oh and Lord, please forgive me while I struggle with this one. Help me remove the images in my head of my jabbing her with a spork and slashing her tires. Please sill my raging heart at the mere thought of that woman walking into this office and please help me rain in my wounded pride. Help me to put my staff and my boss first. Help me to show them by example and help me be a beacon of light in an angry and dark time. This I pray once more, in Jesus's name. Amen."

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