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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 248 - I Love Sundays


It's Sunday! I love Sundays. Oh don't give me that look, how am I supposed to know you know? I'm not a mind reader after all. Anyway, today was also Family Fun day at The Church At Argyle and Sunday Brunch @ The Reed's Slice of Paradise.

I speak often of members of my church family. I thought I might introduce you to a few.

The photo at the top of the page is Ms. Amy. If you don't know her then you don't read my blog. I love this woman to bits and pieces. She is the heart of The Church at Argyle to me. Even though I have mad love for this woman, I HAVE to admit I was laughing my booty off as I watched her son practice for when it was her turn in the dunk tank. *snickers* Love you Ms. Amy!

This is Ms. Marry. She gives the most incredible hugs ever. She is the very first person I met at this church and I love her madly.

Pastor Hal and another of my Fav Five. In the early days when I had a chip on my sholder and a score to settle, Pastor Hal took the brunt of it. I never rattled him and the day he told me "you're headed in the right direction" I felt I had turned a corner. BTW, I've NEVER seen him in shorts before. Nice Knees Pastor Hal!

This is John S. and he and his wife run the Argyle Cafe. They were the first group to let me in and make me feel welcome. I'm one of the "Cafe Club" and I feel welcomed. He is another of my Fav 5 and he seems to like my photography. That makes my heart happy. I wish I had done a better job with this photo. With Johns beard, his batman Tee and that adorable baby, it could have really been spectacular. Thanks for everything Mr. John.

The Church At Argyle is an amazing place. My relationship with God has grown explanentially and I have been supported and not judged, loved and not corrected, taught and not shamed. As I walked through the fun this morning humming to the music blasting, eyeing the snowcones, smelling Chef Leroy's amazing spread, eyeing Grill Master Gil's burgers, getting splashed by the slip and slide, I realize the song I'm humming is "Super Freak". Dude, that says it all right there.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

The Church at Argyle. I melted down a short time back but I didn't self destruct. I'm so grateful I'm purple.

Sundays. They are my favorite day of the week. I just thought it was about time I told you that.

Sunday brunch. The other mother and the boyfriend came over and we had food and cards and visits and fun. I got to drive the boyfriends big red Monte and eat Love burgers and fries. Good stuff that.

Family Fun Day. It reminded me of why I love my church. I'm ashamed I forgot for a time. I'm abiding Lord.

Starting Point. Take me back to the beginning and tell me again. Perhaps this time I'll get it right.

finding the hood. Dude, that was epic. If I'd have lost that I'd be in sooo much trouble! It fell out of my pocket as I crouched for a shot. It was right where I left it. Phew!

Play 9. A $11 game we bought 3 years ago that everyone in the family LOVES. It's a rare game that the Reed's wont fight about. It's awesome. Since we purchased this game while in Siesta Key, it has been discovered you can play just fine and perhaps better after consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

my conversation with Kelly last night. We were 3 ft apart and IMing each other. That's just

Kelly's new car. Now all obstacles have been removed. Let’s see where she goes.

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