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Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 221 - A Day in the Life

When I get nostalgic for the old days. When my uterus strokes the biological clock into singing lullabies; I need but one thing, A day in the life of my eldest daughter. ONE day was enough to make me pull my teen close, hug her tight and stab my lullaby singing uterus with spork.

Now, don't get me wrong, my grandchildren were fantastic today. There was no fighting no damage and no public embarrassment. There was simply 4 kids and one baby being, well, 4 kids and one baby.

And to think 3 of her kids have returned home, 1 is with his other grandma, and 2 step kids are with their mothers.

I think I may nominate my daughter for sainthood. Or perhaps a one way ticket to the funny farm.

Peace ~

Today I am grateful for my turn being over. Let the next generation deal with teething, pre-k, soccer practice, shopping in packs, car seat logistics, runny noses, fevers, diapers, and the rest.

Today I am grateful my youngest is 13. I'll take her teen tude over teething any freakin day of the week. Even school clothes shopping was a joy when held up against being holed up in the basement with a feverish, teething, gassy baby.

Enjoying the day of chaos. Seriously. Even the teething baby. When it's "ME" that makes him feel better I get a thrill. When he screams in pain and I sing to him "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine" and his little lip quivers and the tears roll down his pinchable cheeks I remember doing the same with his mother. When I put him on his tummy, pat his back and whisper in his ear "You'll bees alwight. Shhhhh" till he falls back asleep my heart swells. When I hear the activity of the other 4 thumping on the ceiling, when I hear my mom and dad barking orders for dinner, and I'm in the relative quiet of the basement, I am grateful to my newest grandson for giving me an excuse to hide in the basement.

Today I'm grateful for the teen school clothes shopping being over. THAT was freaking painful. "Angel Jeans suck mom! Geez!" *insert teen eye roll of exasperation at mother denseness*

Genesis. I'm going to get to read a bit tonight. It's been weeks. For that I am grateful.

For another God footprint. It came oddly enough in the form of a Lutheran Sunday School class.

I am grateful beyond measure or reason at the opportunity to spend a day with my grandchildren. I've forgotten what it felt like to be "Grandma!" It rocks my granny socks off.

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