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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 219 - 12:12

I just drove 12 hours and 12 minutes through 6 states and the District of Columbia with 2 kids and a hamster. I spent but I'm grateful.

I'm grateful for God's grace and the faith that he will forgive me for all the rude hand gestures and using the "C" word. Something I NEVER do and is a testament to just how frustrating the 2nd half of the trip had been. I'm grateful for extra Mom hugs. I'm grateful for potent margaritas. I'm grateful for June not being hurt by the fact she was lost in the madness. (however, I'm still working on this one) I'm grateful for meeting my newest grandson and several awesome new grandchildren who showed how much they belong in this mad mad mad family by sticking out their tongues and flashing the rock-n-roll sign. I'm grateful for the changes I see in my eldest. Well most of them. I'm going to start calling her Olive-Oil and ask her about Popeye. I'm grateful for a husband who lets me go and waits for me to return. I'm grateful for a laptop that lets me keep up with my list far from home. I'm grateful for a warm puppy body next to mine in the bed to help me feel less lonely. Even if cold wet noses are attached. I'm grateful for compartmentalizing the little red Mustang. Everyone had their spot and stayed within it's borders. Even the hamster cooperated staying within his little basket on the center console. There were no turf wars for 764.3 miles. Really? Only 764.3? Seemed like more. Even sans turf wars. I am grateful to be here safe, sound, and in relatively good spirits. Even if exhausted beyond the realm of knowable possibilities. *yawns* I made it. With 7 minutes to spare.


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