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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 217 - Cars, Cameras, and Freaks

What happens when you have to work all day then drive 6 hours? You give 2 caged freaks a camera and see what comes out.

Today I'm grateful for making it home safe. That the "stalking incident" turned out to be our overactive imagination. I'm grateful for puppy love. I'm grateful for a REAL conversation with my eldest. I'm grateful for the fact that my middle is still close at hand, even if somewhat silent. I'm grateful for the last gasps of the Key Mountain that's turned into a fairly well organized Key Tree. I'm grateful for a co-on call victim. I'm grateful for this last quiet evening with my favorite human before I leave him for a week. I am grateful for the faith that he will be waiting for me right where I left him upon my return. I'm grateful that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I'm grateful for finally feeling like a grown up. And I am grateful for God leading me here. I am grateful that in less than 48 hours my mom will break out into relived tears, throw her arms around my neck and say "Oh Beth Ann" and my dad will smile his sly smile and hand me a drink.

I have only two prayers "Thy will be done." and "If it be your will, may we arrive safely"

Peace ~


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  1. I love your road trip photos! Have a wonderful time.