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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 214 - What's at Your House?

My day sucked. I don't want to think about work so I went looking for cool stuff in my house. You'd be surprised what kind of cool stuff you can find when you go looking. Don't look in the usual places. Look beyond.

Today I'm grateful I got to be the Maintenance Superhero and not the IT Coordinator, Payroll Officer, Office Manager or HR Director. I'm grateful I could wash away the day by chasing gecko's in my back yard and watching hamsters dance in the tall grass. I'm grateful for two girls who said "Thank you for cooking me such a good dinner" and a man who is giving me the space and time for my gratefulness to work it's magic. As another of my family falls to "the current economy" I am reminded just how grateful I am to have not just a job but a job I love. One that may drive me insane at times, but one that also fulfils me, challenges me, and makes me go "Holy crap! It's 4PM already?" I'm grateful for silver fish with orange patches named Skittles that blows bubbles at me when he's hungry. I'm grateful for a man who holds my hand. I'm grateful for a God who has custom made a life perfect for me.

Yeah, I'm grateful, happy and at peace. Monday does not win this round.

Peace ~


What's in your house?
See what's in mine

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