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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 203 - Pushed to your limit

Today I'm still grateful.

I've been pushed to my limit and beyond but I am still connected. For that I'm grateful.

Being the boss sucks. But it has given me an opportunity to gain me empathy. For that I'm grateful

Having to break down my desk yet again sucked and I didn't do it with grace. But I have a boss who cares enough to want me to have the "good" desk. For that I'm grateful.

Phone call after phone call after phone call there was an angry voice on the other end of the line. One man called me just to ask "How you doing Beth?" Glen with ProQuest Pest Control. He rocks.

I had a bad day, I walked out of the office 40 minutes late with 3 calls holding for me. All day I felt barraged. The sound of a ringing phone like the concussion of a grenade launch. Heth Realty is under siege but I'm not alone. Boss 1, Boss 2, Julie, Musette and I are a team. What does not kill you makes you strong. *flexes* We got this. For that I'm grateful.

On the way home, 40 minutes late picking up the Pixie and getting lost I said a prayer. "Lord help me let it all go. Help me release it to you and not take it out on those I love" He hugged me and granted my prayer. For that I'm grateful.

I left the office 40 minutes late, got stuck in traffic and got lost on the way. When I finally arrived to pick the Pixie up from her pool date more than an hour late I got no tude but I got a hug. For that I am profoundly grateful.

After leaving the office late, having to pick up the Pixie I arrive home to find the A/C is not working. The man had everything ready and instead of being moody and pissed off that we had to clean the condensate line twice in 3 days, he simply said "Let's do this" and we did this. Then he hugged me too. For that I am so grateful I tear’d up a little.

After being bombed and beaten and leaving 40 minutes late and getting lost and a malfunctioning A/C and all the rest I've made it through the day. No melt downs, no youtube moments, no swearing at God, no being an ass in traffic, no taking it out on those I love. At the end of a very long, very dreadful day, I remain how I begin. Grateful.


Perhaps if I master creating this face,
I'll have a better day tomorrow


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