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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 168 - One of those days

"Did you have one of those days today, like a nail in the foot? Did the pterodactyl corpse dropped by the ghost of your mother from the spectral Hindenburg forever circling the Earth come smashing through the lid of your glass coffin? Did the New York strip steak you attacked at dinner suddenly show a mouth filled with needle-sharp teeth, and did it snap off the end of your fork, the last solid-gold fork from the set Anastasia pressed into your hands as they took her away to be shot? Is the slab under your apartment building moaning that it cannot stand the weight on its back a moment longer, and is the building stretching and creaking? Did a good friend betray you today, or did that good friend merely keep silent and fail to come to your aid? Are you holding the razor at your throat this very instant? Take heart, comfort is at hand. This is the hour that stretches. Djan karet. We are the cavalry. We're here. Put away the pills. We'll get you through this bloody night. Next time, it'll be your turn to help us.
"Eidolons" (1988)"
~Harlan Ellison~


Yeah one of those days. Like a giant pair of hands are reaching down doing things like hiding my keys, dialing into my line every time I want to make an outgoing call, and prodding every freak in Jacksonville proper with an attitude problem and a faux maintenance issue to call and bug the crap out of me.

Take a tip from your local superhero. NEVER PRAY FOR PATIENCE OR HUMILITY! A lesson I should have learned by now. Yeah, today's list is going to be a stretch cuz it's been one of those days. Stay clear of me boys and girls cuz it may be contagious.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

this poster. Cuz nothing on this list has made MY list.

being a good birthday fairy. My man says I done good.

water. Lack of caffeine may be what's causing this pounding headache but I'm going to blame it on the freaks.

working out. I forgot I was dining with the BIL this evening. Means no evening work out. Glad I did it this morning, sucks I only get ONE in. The mood I'm in I could run forever, or 3 inches. Whichever came first.

remembering that "I can't control what others do, only how I react" so, is sporking someone in the next a bad thing? What if it's self defense? He was trying to make my head explode.

Tylenol. Cuz the guy referenced in the item above got real close. Along with several others who only escaped sporking cuz bail money is not in this months budget.

paradise is so close I can hear the ocean calling. If the freaks keep this crap up, I'm gonna go early and leave their fridges warm, their toilets clogged, their A/C's deader than Marley's Ghost, and the "M" word growing in all their dark places. I will disappear in a puff of purple smoke and a creepy crazed cackle.

the visual the above item gave me. First giggle I've had all day.

texts from Kelly. Even if they are full of assumptions and accusations. First time in weeks I've known she was alive.

forgiveness. I've asked for lots of it over the last few years. Now I've got to find away to give it. This may be the toughest lesson I've ever had to learn. I hope I'm up to it. Right now I just feel small and lost.

the knowledge that today will end and faith that tomorrow will be better.

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  1. It seems you and me both had this kind of a day. Keep your chin up lady! And keep working out. It's sometimes all that keeps the darkness at bay. You're in my prayers super-woman!