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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 161 - Called to 66

“The book to read is not the one which thinks for you, but the one which makes you think. No book in the world equals the Bible for that.”
~Nelle Harper Lee~


I'm short changing this blog a bit today. After all, I have to at least pretend to do some actual work. Can't let our local superhero get caught slacking now can we? I've started a new blog. This is the journey within the journey, within the journey I was hinting at yesterday. It's going to be a multimedia event of epic proportion! OK, well, it's gonna be me, reading the Bible for the very fist time, and doing it in my own way, with LOTS of help from my AWESOME community of believers. There's gonna be video interviews, my thoughts, my struggles, advice I received, emails from friends, and photographs I think best enhance a special verse/idea/lesson from each book. All 66 of them. Yeah, I told you it was epic.

My hope is to complete it in approximately 66 months. Some books will take only weeks, others a few months (I've been told, heck if I know) but in the end, I will have an interesting blog on "One woman's journey through the Bible" We will see what God has in store for me. Did I mention I've never read the Bible before? Yup, I'm a noob. I've read verses, I know stories, but I have never attempted to read it from cover to cover before now. Truth is, I was trying like heck to avoid it! Have you seen the stuff in Revelations? *shudders* But God had other plans and made it clear to me this is the path he wants me to take. So watch out boys and girls, this is gonna be a bumpy ride!

Wanna see? Hey, don't judge, I just got started.

Today I'm grateful for:

the journey within the journey within the journey. I began my journey to a more positive life in August of 08, I began my 365 day gratitude journey January 1, 2010 and I will begin my journey into the Bible 7/1/10. I'm excited if a tad overwhelmed.

puppies that forget their tails are attached. Serious humor to be found there. I stopped and took a moment to just watch the hamster this morning. He was so joyful in her pursuit of his tail! As I watched him catch it and take a big old bite I wonder "how the heck does that not hurt?" then the tail breaks free and the chase is back on. This was my "stop and smell the roses" moment for the day.

a good morning workout. It was awesome!

summer break for the Pixie. She is happy and that makes me happy.

one day closer to our return to paradise. This is the first year the Pixie gets to go. You know that whole "Let's take her NOW while she still likes us" kinda thing. I can't wait to show her paradise!

support. Yesterday I mustered all the courage I could and sent an email to 5 very important people in my life. All members of my church community and all I respect greatly. I told them of my plan (OK, well part of it) and every single one of them offered their suggestions and support. I am not alone. That is an awesome feeling.

God. I tell you, he takes some very interesting routs to get you to where he wants you to be. When I look back, I can see God's footprints on my life. When I look forward, I see God's plan. Yes indeed, I'm one of those people. How about that?

red mustangs, pink iPods, biscotti laptops and jet black cameras. Dang I got some cool toys.

jobs. The man and I have one. That is a huge blessing and something I'm grateful for every single day weather or not it makes it onto the list.

friends. I used to think I didn't have any. Now I know better. Even if I'm missing them right now :(

bike rides. Last nights was wonderful and just what Roy and I needed. Awe, snap! I forgot! I still have to get you video of the "lean" don't I? I'll try and work on that this weekend.

blogs. They afford me the opportunity of putting it all out there. Why I feel the need to take this journey publicly I have no idea. Perhaps it's a calling, perhaps I'm just your standard exhibitionist. Honestly I have no idea but I know that it makes me happy and I feel less alone. That's good enough reason for me.

pretty flowers. I love to tend them, to water them, to photograph them. Their undemanding and pretty and they smell good too. What's not to love?

hole 4! *booty dances* I am now, comfortably using hole 4 on my belt *booty dances more* Dude, that's beyond epic! It's...It's....radically, awesomely, stupendously, supercalafragalisticexpialadoshusly magnificent! *booty dances off the edge of her chair*

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