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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 153 - Wednesday's Child

"Wednesday's child is full of woe"
~Poem: Monday's Child~

"Pretty Reflections"
My God Wink for today
No matter how late I'm running
When God winks,
I take the time to appreciate it.

I figured out what it is. I am back in a funk. THIS IS GREAT! Dude, you have no idea just how great this is. It's beyond great, it's EPIC!

Yeah, I know, you're confused so I'll try to explain it to the noobs and randoms, you my regular stalkers know all about it. Feel free to jump right to the list or click the next button :)

OK, so, I am bipolar and I am menopausal. This makes for some seriously gnarly mood waves. Normally, there is NO question when I'm headed into a funk. Clear and present danger signs are posted all over my body language "RED TIDE" or "Undertow" or even "SHARK!" But get this...I've been feeling mildly disconnected as of late. Nothing major, just little things like my workouts being a struggle and last night, I was given the PERFECT conditions for a nice long ride on the bike and it was a struggle and it's because I'm in a funk!

I realized it this morning during my workout. I damn near fell off the treadmill in my excitement. Still confused? Well...It's because the symptoms were so mild, there were no obvious warning signs, no meltdown, none of that *booty dances* I don't know if this is due to all the work I've put in to "change my perspective" or if it's just a happy happenstance. I don't really care. It made my day to the extent that it blew the funk out da box and I finished my workout, dealt with the hamsters poo boycott, turned around and returned home because I forgot my wedding rings, got stuck in traffic, ended up 15 minutes late for work, now have to work 1/2 hour late to make up time and STILL I'm comfortably ensconced in my happy bubble.

I am Wednesday's child no more. Thankyouverymuch

Today I'm grateful for:
premature dispersion of the mood wave. No boogie board required.

Wednesday's Child. In the assembly of today's list I ran across this organisation. It's AWESOME. Considering one of my favorite people is adopted I thought I'd link it. Knowing it's out there makes my heart happy.

being a Sunday's child.

working out. It was a struggle but I got my AHA moment.

God winks. This morning I'm rushing to get to work, late do to a poo boycott among other things, and I see my pretty palm tree reflected perfectly in the chrome rim of the car's vent. With the green of the tree and the blue of the sky and the perfect morning light. It was just so pretty I believe it was a God wink. God was telling me "Slow down, hush up, and enjoy your day" The photo above does not do it justice but I have the memory. I'm OK with that.

not killing the hamster. 1) he has decided he no longer likes his food bowl. He prefers eating out of the cup holder built into my couch. Are you surprised to learn it was my husband who discovered this? 2) we was house broken just a week ago but since his colon cleans he has reverted. Not only will he poo in the house, he has boycotted pooing in the back yard. *mutters* God was watching over him this morning. I went to snap the leash in frustration when his collar came off and came flying at my head. If it had not...well....have you ever seen a hamster fly?

no poo on the treadmill. I'm going to look at this whole poo boycott thing as a "glass is half full" kinda thing. At least there was no poo flinging today.

having a clean desk. It's cleaned off and cleaned up. I can see wood and it's all shiny and stuff. Way cool dude.

making a basket. I'm in the habit of balling up old paperwork/notes/tissues and trowing them at my trashcan. My trashcan is MAYBE 2 feet from my chair. I could reach out and touch it. I've been missing EVERY shot for a week. It's annoying and becoming an office joke. I started making every shot this morning. Go me! *shakes pompoms*

complementary emails. Someone out there likes the quotes I use. I can't really take credit I get the bulk of them from but I do spiffy link-ups so I'll take full credit. It made my day :)

outgrowing my addiction to jalapeno Pringles. I had some with my lunch today. I was unimpressed and they made me sneeze. I'm turning into the addiction extraction specialist *pounds chest* 12 down, 888 1/7th to go. Boooyah!

booty dancing in office chairs. My boss looked at me funny and a scared a freak spawn but it was worth it. *hums* "Workin at the car wash yeah..." *wiggles in chair* what?

Found this when I was lookin for the my shark link.
It made me happy and made me booty dance in my chair.

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