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Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 141 - Don't be a Pansy

"Choose or Die." So don't be a pansy.
~Diandra Puls Tupa~

My friend Dandra is complete and utter awesomeness. Given what she faces day in and day out due to no fault of her own is nothing short of inspiring. Illness tries to dominate her life but she simply refuses to let it. Today she posted an honest and earnest question and challenged us to be completely honest and not be a pansy. I knew she was looking for help in making her choice but I did what she asked. I was not a pansy.

I'm going to take her challenge to heart and I'm going to start being as brave as she is. I'm going to quit being a pansy and choose to move forward. I'm going to step out on the faith I claim to posses and just do it.

Thank you D. I love you and you are in my prayers daily ~Muuuwah!~

I Heart my City
No matter what house I live in

Today I'm grateful for:

Diandra. She showed me how to not be a pansy. She rocks my socks.

houses. Either way this coin toss lands, I will be blessed. I'm ready to start a new chapter.

THIS being my biggest problem. I mean come one, really? If this is all I have to stress about I just need to shut the H--L up. I have no business being THIS blessed if I don't have the capacity to see this as an abundance of blessings.

getting it on. I mean my old silver studded rocker belt you perv! I have not been able to get it on in well over a year. Mind you, it's on the very last notch, but hey, it's not trying to cut me in half so Whooooohoooooo! *shakes pompoms* One step closer to smokin granny status!

a great workout last night. My evening workouts are usually difficult. I'm not sure why, but they are. Last night however, watching the Biggest Loser Final 4 run a 26.2 miles, my puny sprints didn't seem so hard.

another morning off from working out. Yes yes, I know. I can't make this a habit or the progress will stop. BUT sometimes you just need to reward good behavior. I've been a very good girl in working out and eating. I will work out twice tonight and on Saturday twice. I normally take Sat. and Sun. off but hey, you live the life you pay the price. But da'am man, did sleeping in feel sooooo good!

the Kittens. What would my day be without snorting coffee at least once? Boring I think, very boring.

not being a pansy. I got this.

non-productive weekends. I hope to avoid bathroom & fish tank cleaning. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to avoid laundry & grocery shopping. Oh well, such is life.

feeding the shutterbug. I am GOING to go to the park this weekend. *stomps foot*


Beef Fondue for dinner tomorrow night. The instant my man reads this he will begin to drool. It's THAT good. Oh, and babe, twice baked potatoes too. Who do you love?

being forgiven. Here I am trying to learn the lesson of a controlled tongue and what do I do? I a) scream at a guy in traffic b) use the Lord's name in vain c) cop an attitude with a freak d) all of the above. Need a hint? Yeah, I didn't think so. *sighs* But I've been forgiven. That rocks. I don't care who you are, that rocks right there...

starting over. Yes again.

life and my ability to life it with quality and gusto. I am no pansy.

I have my hero and I AM a hero.
But the song still rocks :)

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  1. *Sigh* You are not alone girl. I can't control my tongue either. I'm good one minute then cussing mad the next! I am really trying though it doesn't show at all sometimes. Hey at least I apologize, right?