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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 138 - Possibilities

“So much promise stretches before us. Americans have always reached for the impossible, looked to the next horizon and asked, "What if?"”
~Senator John Kerry~


Today I'm grateful for:

my baby girl. She is 28 today. I remember the day of her birth like it was yesterday. Everything I knew before ceased to exist when she was put into my arms. I am now and forever, grateful to be her mother.

possibilities. Will we like this house? Will we buy it? Can we sell ours? Will my folks want it? Will my folks move down? Will June and Kelly get a chance to know their grandparents better? What is God's will? Will it all stay as it is? The really cool thing in all this? I'm happy no matter what.

leaving it all on the treadmill. A 40 minute workout with 6 sprints and a pound of sweat left on the treadmill. I got this.

one size smaller. I'm still not back to my starting size, but I am one size closer w/ one size to go. This makes my heart happy. Yes, I am that shallow. I own it.

letting go. I can do no more for her. She is a grown woman who must make her own choices. For now, I'll love her from afar and cling to my faith that she is the strongest of us all and will come back to me. Someday...

Key Lime Pie. *drools* I'm going to have to eat water for lunch and air for dinner but it will be so worth it.

my adopted Slayer. She calls me Momma. That just makes me happy. It's yellow ink for the sharpie. Seriously.

sock monkey surprises.

2 days till payday.

photography books. I may learn something yet.

my blessings of the spirit. I only just discovered what they are. I can't wait to see how God wants me to use them. Until then, I'm going to have to practice patience. *taps foot*


no poo flinging & not burning the grilled cheese. You have no idea...

discovering that the pasties from my mammogram (note the little metal ball) were in my giant water jug before I started drinking. Seriously? How the he__? I thought it was bad enough when I got dressed, forgetting I had them on, and wore them ALL DAY under my tight little rocker tee. Yup, I did. Now they are in my water jug. Someone is screwing with me.

my lessons in progress. Currently I am working on: Learning to be still, controlling the tongue, controlling the greed. I'm a tad overwhelmed but I know the Lord has a plan. I best get back to my learnin...

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