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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 83 - Stiring Up Trouble

To Stir Up: arouse or excite feelings and passions; "The ostentatious way of living of the rich ignites the hatred of the poor"

Today I'm grateful for:

recognizing contentment. I used to have no idea what contentment felt like. Life is good, even when I'm naughty.

knowing want & desire are two different things. I want to have a new bike but I'm content without it. I desire my husband. I can live without him but I'd prefer not to.

free pizza. Boss 1 ordered pizza for our hump-day celebration. Another reason I love being a Superhero. I've told ya'll that I love my job right?

warmth. Living in Florida you would expect it to be warm. Um, we may not be as cold as most of the nation, but for us thin blooded rednecks IT WAS FREAKIN COLD! Normally we are in the 80's by March, we are still barely in the 70's, but I'll take it.

putting a lid on it. I need to put myself in time out. My attitude to the freaks has been way to harsh. I'm not sure why because I'm in a contented mood, I'm stuffed with free pizza and I even got a workout in. I'm what God calls a "pot stirrer" he is reminding me what he thinks of pot stirrers. *twitch* I seriously need to watch my mouth. I'm just going to put myself in time out till my attitude improves. Sometimes I'm just not a nice person.

big pink bikes. Tonight we ride! *makes motorcycle noises*

*sing* Me...and my Shaaaaa-dow

I have this knack for wording things in such a way that I can illicit the emotion I want from my listener without ever REALLY lying. I've discovered this ability just today. I know I've had the ability and USED it all my life but for some reason, it just hit home. THIS is what they were talking about and God really don't like it at all.

Just today I've done it 3 times. When before I would not even notice, today with each snide remark, with each repeat of a story, with each time I was asked to "repeat" I felt horrible guilt. All of the people I was snotty to really were not at fault. They were mild mannered freaks who caught this superhero on a bad day. One lady asked "Can I have the property lead tested? I have a baby." She was not nasty or snide, but her request pissed me off. She has NO idea about the law, or the fact that her request would cost the homeowner upwards of $40,000 or that this is a particularly sore subject due to the new Lead Paint law that goes into effect this April. She was just a mom, concerned about her baby, trying to rent an old house.

I have a superpower. Because of how trusted I am and how truthful I claim to be, I can bend people to my way of thinking. Well, most times. I must never again use my power for evil but always for good. I find it fascinating that very recently I read the Bible verse in my Sunday school class. I think God is trying to get me to behave. He's saying "Excuse me? Oh no you didn't!"

I've been a naughty superhero and I've been put in time out. I will focus on keeping things real and I will not use my superpower again till I can use it with humility and grace. *crosses heart and gives God the "I'm Sorry" puppy eyes"

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