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Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 81 - Focus

“Our thoughts create our reality -- where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.”
~Peter McWilliams~

Today I'm grateful for:

Love. When trust and respect are lost, you must rely on love. Love is freely given and unconditional.

focus. I choose to focus on the good.

being with. I was prepared to be without. I was OK with being without, but with is oh so much better.

my ma'ans. He loves me and he likes me. When the world beats me up, and those I love let me down, he holds me, calls me sexy and tells me he loves me.

fresh coffee on cool mornings.

copious amounts of water.

whipped, low fat, reduced calorie peanut butter.

Publix non-fat, light yogurt on sale for 5 for $2.00

Pontiac. It's gone but not forgotten. The car show was awesome dude. Photo's here.

skybirds. For a sky freak, what is a more betterer dream machine?


Focus is everything. What you focus on is what you bring to pass. If you focus on being fat, then all the working out and all the diets in the world will not help you in the long run. I'm in a new season and I've started over so this would be a good time to change my focus.

I will focus on being a good wife to my husband. I will focus on being a good momma to my Pixie. I will focus on the enjoyment I get out of working out. I will focus on eating healthy. I will focus on LEADING the Upstreet tweens to a relationship with Christ. I will focus on my own relationship with Christ. I will focus on gratitude and I will focus on the now.

I will NOT focus on the mistakes & drama of grown women. I will not focus on the scale. I will not focus on the fear. I will not focus on what's missing. I will not focus on the religious. I will not focus on the future.

I'm grateful that my will's are twice as many as my will not's


  1. Love your focus, specially on the tween's in UpStreet. Thanks for joining this team with me and having an attitude of gratitude that is contagious!!Thanks for being intentional about being grateful. You help me and bless me every single time I get over here to read your beautiful, honest and make me smile and chuckle blog! Great youtube attachment too. Amy G.

  2. I love the Pontiac! haha Seriously, it is important to have some of the thing you mention. The fresh coffee in the morning is imperative. Then water and low fat too. But one of the things you said really stuck me. Improving focus is so necessary for our everyday routine. What Peter McWilliams said is right, we tend to go to the direction we focus on, that is why we always need to have a good deed in mind. Therefore we´ll go for it.