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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday Gratitude

This morning’s one of those morning where the words just will not flow. I'm in a very good mood, I'm happy and content, but with a touch of writers block. It's a good thing this is all about the list and not my mindless random ramblings eh?

Today I'm grateful for:

music. I bought 9 new songs from iTunes. I'm in heaven & Lilly is rockin my office.

Where is the Love - Blackeyed Peas
Make it Mine - Jason Mraz
Sunshine Song - Jason Mraz
Hey Soul Sister - Train
War of my Life - John Mayer
Crossroads - John Mayer
Half of my Heart - John Mayer & Taylor Swift (hush up Dave)
Who Says - John Mayer
Heartbreak Warfare - John Mayer

weighing in at 189.8. Um, OK, how'd I do that? Oh, wait...forget I asked. It's rude to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Pixies who decide to stay home. She was supposed to go to work with me today. When I went to wake her at 6:30 A.M. she changed her mind. I'm glad. While I would have enjoyed a Pixie gofer at the office, the hamster would have had to spend the day in the cage. He's sill recovering from yesterday's shots. He's feeling punky. I'm glad he will have a the Pixie to watch over him.

photo editing. I FINALLY managed to edit some photos last night. I can't wait to dig in deeper. *drools* Prepare to be bombarded with "LOOK WHAT I CAN DO" photo posts.

Cleo the Bizhub. I just completed my year end filing. Um, yeah, it took me .5 hour. We now only keep what has a signature. Everything else is ecopies only. Going green has more than one advantage. Saving the planet rocks dude!

having an "official" hamster. He got a clean bill of health from the vet and got his last set of shots. He got his rabies and rabies tag! He's a "real" hamster now! He will not need to go back to the Vet till he's 6 months. *booty dances with Roy* Way to Go Roy! (pssst, let's not tell him that visit is for the great "Snip" off.

My vet. Seriously, Dr.Michael Dressel DVM is one rocken doc. His staff is beyond good. They've become part of Roy's extended family. They met me at the most tragic of times, when I had to put my Misty down. I was alone (the man was on the road) and my kids crapped out on me. He was utterly perfect in the way he handled everything. Since Roy adopted us, we have been taking him to see Doc. Dressel. Everyone in the office LOVES Roy, they call me before my appointment to remind me, they call me after to check up, when I have a 4:40 appointment I'm IN at 4:40, prices are 1/2 what my previous vet charged and they even have emergency hours! Yeah, they are total awesomeness in animal lover form. The fact I can WALK to their office from my house is an epic bonus.

yet another revision from my book. New font, more typos found, a photo swap and more. Oprah WILL call. *pokes Oprah* "Excuse me Oprah, but I'm waiting..." (Wanna buy a copy before Oprah calls and they all sell out?  Better hurry)

a boss who values good coffee as much as I do. Our coffee pot died this morning *insert taps* The boss said "Good, now we can get a Good one" *cheers* Today I may have the shakes from withdrawals, but tomorrow will be awesomeness in liquid brown form. (yeah, that does sound rather gross)

being able to go to the bathroom. Yeah, you laugh, but I AM the staff. There are times when this superhero is tending to a freak while doing the "pee pee" dance. You know the one, your average 2 year old has it perfected. Just getting to go when nature calls is a BIG gratitude. Thankyouverymuch.

the rat guy. Yeah, I'm all "let him live, he ain't hurtin nobody!" Until the little rodent started eating my peppermint bark and the Pringles I don't have in my desk. That's when I called the Rat Guy and said "Come escort Mr. Mickey out of the office. Dead or Alive"

being a Christian Taoist pacifist. Except for snakes and chocolate eating rats.

I reworked the book cover.
It reminded me how much I love this picture of the Pixie.
It's very...well, Pixieish

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