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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday Gratitude aka the Hamster Chronicles

Apparently yesterday's Mystery Date fresh from the Alien Hamster Transporter was *drum roll* Revenge Hamster.

Last evening the Hamster had his vet appointment. Once again he charmed all the ladies in the joint. The vet says he's a ChiPoodle, I say he's a hound. I left with a purse full of free treats for him and an offer of a Newer, smaller hamster cage. Before he could make his escape, I told the vet of Roy's recent booty scooting. He "examined" Roy's, well, yeah, that area and found a couple of swollen glands that needed to be squeezed. The vet handed Roy off to his ASSistant leaving me to wonder what the ASSistant did to piss the vet off and leaving Roy with an "I'll get you for this" look on his face. When assistant returned Roy, she looked much to perky for the job she was just required to do and Roy was subdued to say the least. The assistant stated Roy weighed in at a nice 5.6 lbs. I look at Roy, then back to the assistant, then back at Roy and asked him "You got rocks in your pockets?" and to the assistant "did you weigh the right dog?" I swear this hamster is a 2 lbs or less but the assistant assured me the weight was correct.

Once home Roy seemed to be just fine except he couldn't look me in the eye and hardly touched his dinner.  He managed to make his puddles and piles outside for the most part. Given his recent "exam" I let the small stuff slide for one night. He spent most of the evening sleeping on the couch with the man and I. No amount of petting and coaxing could rouse him......Until....about 2 A.M. When he barked for nearly 3 hours straight. Exacting his revenge for his earlier exam. *yawns*

The good news is he's smart enough to realize *yawns* Mommy is not exactly a morning person and on so little sleep it might behoove him to behave this morning. He dropped a load and marked several blades of grass in less than 5 minutes and played within eye-shot while I rode the stationary beast, though apparently his little blue pillow did something to piss him off. While I was on the bike Roy kept me entertained with his take on the WWF as he pounced on, body checked, head banged and barked at said pillow. There was also no underpant molestation this morning. He sat as usual on the edge of the garden tub making sure I didn't miss a spot while shaving. I will have to let him know that barking while Mommy is shaving may not be the best idea. I nearly sliced an artery. *yawns* He even let me say my prayers this morning. It could be the TREAT I had sitting on the end table. Whatever, I didn't get a hamster tongue up my nose or a run in my pantyhose so it's all good. *yawns*

Where was I? Oh, yeah...

Today I'm grateful for:

No snow in Florida. I remember snow. It looks pretty for the first 2 cups of coffee. Then it just means screwed up traffic, bored kids, wet dogs wet gloves wet hats wet snowsuits wet boots all for 5 minutes of play. Um, I'll pass and head to the beach. Thankyouverymuch

healthy hamsters. Though I think that assistant owes Roy dinner and a movie *yawns*

the Christmas Season. Even in a heat wave it "feels" like Christmas. All the freaks are decked out in their battery powered, flashy lit, spangly best. Oh, and I think 3 of Santa's elves threw up in my office. I dig it. My glass cage looks all festive and Steve is singing me Christmas songs.

*yawns* coffee. It's a hamster life saving device.

my man. He did NOT get up and strangle the hamster...or me

my boss. We are going green and the old timers don't like it. She is sticking to her guns. She rocks. I think I'll give her the superhero cape. She's earned it.

Sally. She purred for me this morning and made me feel awake enough to drive.

God. He blessed me with an extraordinary sky this morning and a small peek at the sun. Amongst my many blessings, these are at the top of my list today. Thanks Lord, I needed that.

Gratitude that's growing. Some read my list, some read my list off of those I've tagged, some make their own lists, some read THEIR list and so, on and so, on and so on. It's an awesome thing.

validation. Sometimes it comes from unexpected sources. That just increases it's magic healing powers.

family vacations. Looks like it's going to be just the 3 of us this year. I'll miss my favorite couple, but it opens up a whole realm of possibilities. Disney? Hawaii? Who knows. Time to go back to the free internets and poke around.

laughing at myself. Sometimes you just gotta

A very bad picture of my glass cage all decked out for Christmas
What can I say. It makes me happy.

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