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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saturday Gratitude

Today I'm grateful for:

16 G of music to keep me calm while searching the Southside for FREAKIN 95 SOUTH! *coughs*

my new speedflash. This thing rocks. Course the Pixie and the Hamster are now blind, but it was all in the name of education. Can't WAIT to get the remote trigger *pokes the mail man* Zit here yet?

pink bikes, baskets, little girls and hamster walkies. I was out running Roy and 3 little girls were out giving their Christmas bikes a spin. I got squeals of delight and Roy got coos and pats. The hamster went for a nice long run then I stuffed him in the backet and he rode like a king. This is going to be a very happy trio.

My new candy dish. It is total cool & shiny awesomeness. It's a Christmas Cordial Glass marked down to $.75. It makes the PERFECT holder for my precious sweet yellow sunshine.

one happy man. He is in Blu-Ray, High Def, digital surround Sounded, action packed, PS3'd, hog heaven.

A Happy Pixie. I took her shopping AT THE AVENUES MALL. We shopped from 7 A.M to 3:30 P.M. This is a testament to my love for her. I A) HATE THE BLOODY MALL in July, never mind December 26th b) I HATE THE SOUTHSIDE, my internal compass is broken and I ALWAYS get lost 3) NEVER LEAVE MY HOUSE on December 26th. All the freaks return their unwanteds that day and are usually OUT of Christmas Cheer while doing it. The Pixie owes me. BIG, but she is happy and so am I. Now that it's over and I worked out some aggression running the hamster.

Blu-Ray movies. It means hand holding quality face time with the man tonight. Whooohoooo!

left-overs. Means NO cooking for Momma! *booty dances*

Sunday is tomorrow. I love Sundays. Just thought I'd mention case you didn't know.

hiccups. The Pixie got a nasty case of the hiccups this afternoon. We tried everything to get rid of them. Well, nearly everything. After buying her water and that failing, just as we were getting back in the car, out of nowhere I screamed "ROOOOAR!!!!" She screamed, jumped and dropped her water bottle. I laughed my butt off. She was in the middle of yelling at me when I asked "Are they gone?" In mid rant she stopped "Yeah! But STILL NOT FUNNY!" Oh sure it was. If I had had my camera it would so be on Youtube right now.

My new candy dish and my sweet yellow sunshine nuggets.

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