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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Gratitude

Today I'm grateful for:

Hamster Cages. I slept without fear of squishing a hamster. I slept without being woken by hamster puking. I slept THROUGH hamster whines and whimpers. I slept till the sun rose. Then I woke and walked the hamster. He peed on command and pooped thereafter. I LOVE HAMSTER CAGES!

Puddles and piles being outside where they belong. We are working on puddles, but seem to have a handle on piles.

Lentil soup. It rocks and I am THE rock star of cookin. Oh, and Heath Bar Crunch cookies are yellowness in cookie form.

getting my Christmas shopping started. I have a long way to go but at least I've started.

Roy sitting. I'm serious, my real hamster has been abducted by aliens. This ones a plant. If I don't post for more than 3 days, call The Men in Black.

not mounting the stationary beast. Seriously, I'm taking Saturdays off. With luck tomorrow will be sunny and I can take Roxie out for a nice long spin. Man I miss her *tears up*

last minute sleepovers. Man I'm gonna miss them :(

Ninja Monkeys. They are so freakin stupid they are totally awesome. I stuffed two little plastic ones in the Pixies advent calendar. She's LOVES the one she got so far.

tomorrow being Sunday. Sundays are awesomeness.

new adventures.

Papyras Christmas cards. Man I love these things. I just bought 5 for my special people. They are simply beautiful. My peeps are worth nothing less.

Unexpected visits from the baby bum and his Momma. Was nice, was to short, but was nice.

Transformer movies. Good for some hand holding, couch surfing, cuddle time with the man. Due to last minute sleepovers, we shall have the couch all to ourselves }:)
My favorite Christmas photo from 2008

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