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Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Gratitude

This morning as I climbed my fluffy butt back onto the stationary beast I was treated to the premiere production of "The chicken had it coming". Produced and starting Roy the Alien Hamster. It was a comical tale of intrigue and packed with Ninja Hamster Action.

It started with the Funky Chicken laying peacefully on the foyer floor bothering no one and minding his own business. Unaware was he of the Alien Hamster hiding under the dining room table. His butt up in the air, tail wagging, his front half down in a crouching position. With lighting speed and Ninja stealth the hamster leaps out from under the table and lands on the chickens chest. With a flash of white teeth and a sneer that says "This one's for my mom!" he clamps his jaw down on the chickens neck. With a growl and a shake of his head the poor chicken can do nothing but go limp. His skinny rope legs flailing about with each shake of the hamsters head. Finally, in a Coup de grass move, the hamster body slams the chicken to the floor and picked up his sock laying nearby. The hamster wealds his sock like a pair of nunchucks and the chicken lay lifeless on the floor. With a snort of contempt and a yip of victory the hamster walks off to play with his sock under the hutch.

I'm left thinking "Crap! I could have videotaped that!" *sighs* One day I WILL get a hamster production on video.

Today I'm grateful for:

hamster productions. They make each morning an adventure and make the 20 minutes on the stationary beast bearable.

my husband holding me and hugging me and giving me the "I love you" look. He told me I gave him the best Christmas ever. THAT's my #1 Christmas gift.

all the little things that made my holiday so wonderful. A bag of yellow jellybeans, a note from my mother in law, an unexpected call from Patty, a Pixies heart and a hundred others that turned 4 days into magic.

Kelly being home safe and sound from TX early. I'm glad she had a great time. I'm more glad I get her for New Years Eve.

weighing in at 190.6. Up 4.6 from my lowest weight, but DOWN 8.4 from my starting weight. Considering what I've eaten over the last few weeks, I will count my blessings and move forward.

knowing the full magnitude of the blessings that make up my life. For 20 + years I was blind to what I had. How stupid and how sad. I'm past the anger I felt at the woman I was. I've moved on to pity. With luck, one day soon, I will simply cease thinking about her. That will be a good day.


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