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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Gratitude

Today is a good day. Even with my water fast, it's a good day. I blew off exercise (prescribed by the fasting guide) I blew off the blood work, I blew off weighing myself...Oh, and I GOT A PUPPY! *booty dances*

His name is Roy and I'm gonna love him and squeeze him and feed him and walk him and love him, and I might share him with the man and the Pixie. I've decided he is not really a dog. No, he's just to small and don't really bark. He is a hamster with a thyroid condition. Puppies whimper, whine and bark. Roy don't. Not really. When he barks it sounds like a chipmunk who sucked on a helium balloon. Seriously. His first night in our house was not a true judge of his character however. I picked him up at 3 and ran around with him, including his first visit to the Vet till after 7. Roy was one tired hamster. Tonight will be a better test. We've managed to learn a few things about him though. He is a humpping hamster. Um, yeah, that will be taken care of in a few weeks. He is healthy. The vet said he was a ChiPoodle and a very healthy one. The vet held him up in the air with one hand and just let him hang there. Roy did so just chillin and lookin around. No fussin or squirmin. The vet said this is the sign of a good temperament. EVERYONE in the vets office fell for Roy's charms. Several, myself included, think Roy looks more like a Corgi than a poodle but whatever. Oh, and Roy has a tan patch on his side that's shaped just like a rubber duck. He barely escaped being named Ducky. Though I kinda liked it. Hell, I was so high on puppy love they could have named him Fluffy and I would have been fine. Needless to say, Roy the Boy, is a welcomed addition to our family.

Today I'm grateful for:

Roy the Boy. The humping hamper on helium. The perfect dog for this family.

The man. Even when he's not giving me puppies he's my favorite and I still love him more than puppies.

Water. Hope I still love water after this fast *twitch*

Coffee. Oh how I miss you old friend. I will embrace your warm creamy goodness again very soon. *dramatic sigh*

no weigh in, no work out

missing the work out. Yes, I'm that twisted. I'm grateful for none AND I miss it.

puppies, work, lists, moms, freaks, mustangs, music and all the other things that are serving as a distraction during my fast.

feeding Roy to the shutterbug. I can't wait for a proper puppy photo shoot.

spell check. Without it I would look like a functional illiterate. Just an illiterate. *sighs*

God. He is going to keep me from doing anything stupid today. Seriously....I was stuck behind a "Go Navy" black Jeep that wanted to do 35 MPH in a 40 MPH lane where I normally do 55MPH AND had no coffee but my head did not explode. I don't care who you are, THAT's divine intervention right there.

That will have to do for today. Roy is nappin in his box so I'm gonna try and get some filing done. Peace

Meet Roy.
If you tilt your head just right, you can see the rubber duck in the tan patch.

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