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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Query Letter
Friday, November 06, 2009

Good Day _________:

In February 2008 I ceased to exist. More precisely, the woman I was ceased to exist. It was not a quick or painless death. It took months of hard work and determination to kill her, but dead she is and dead she will stay. Quite honestly, I say good riddance. That woman was an alcoholic, foul mouthed, heavy smoking, vacant and nasty shell. She was an absent mother, a frigid wife and an all around negative person. She made her life a mess and chose to wallow in it, but hey, she's dead and the world is a better place for it. I have taken her place.

The transfer of consciousness began February 7th, 2008. It was a dark Thursday morning, not that that's at all important. That morning I was watching, of all things, Oprah. Oh dear, I can hear your audible groan from here but I beg you, hang in there. It gets better. That Thursday morning while watching Oprah, I got this bright Idea. "Let's try to be a more positive person" Simple right? Just stop whining, bitching and complaining all the time. That random thought bubble is what killed her. The old me began to die that very moment and I began to grow. What saved me? How did I give up the booze and 3 packs a day? How did I save a failing marriage and become if not a great mother, at least a present one? Well, that's what my book is about.

I am uniquely qualified to write this book because I've lived it. For nearly 3 years now I have been living my gratitude day in and day out. My credentials as a writer are non-existent. Every "how to write a query letter" tells me adamantly not to admit that but I think it's pointless to try and fake it. The subject matter is my life and my journey. There is no one better suited to write it. As for my skill as a writer, I leave that for you to judge should you decide I'm worth a further look.

The book is complete and has been edited by the former editor of the Sacramento Bee. It has been laid out and prepared for publication. I also have more than a year of daily lists to draw from and close to 3000 fair quality photographs. I am open to suggestion, change and advice. I am eager to learn and willing to compromise. My sole goal for the publication of this book is to share what I’ve learned. I hope we can work together.

Thank you for your time,

Beth Reed

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