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Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 116 - Plotting a Getaway

“Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from.”
~Jodie Foster~

Today I'm grateful for:

plots to getaway. The Pixie and I are headed to the Gulf to see our cousins. One I have not seen since he was the Pixies age and one I have not "seen" in 30 years.

sobriety. Thanks to sobriety I have no fear of a) taking the Pixie b) not remembering this auspicious occasion.

cousins. All of a sudden I'm reconnecting to my family. I'm not sure how it started but it's a gift and I'm going to wallow in it. On the beach. On the gulf. With TONS of sun block. If you find yourself within a 30 mile radios, be sure to prepare for a sun flair cuz my white body will blind you.

my favorite human. I am taking his woman and his daughter and running away. His only response was "how could I say no?" My man rocks.

Ms. Amy's forgiveness. Um, yeah, I'm bailing on my class of 4th grade tweens so I can run away with my cousins. I know she will forgive me, I just know it....right?

an easy drive. Apparently my cousin's condo is within minutes of 95S. This means less chance of my getting lost and ending up in Miami. This is a good thing.

going with the flow. I found out this morning that my cousin was flying in. The old me would have said "oh well, can't do it now. Oh shucks, maybe next time" the new me says "Oh hell yeah! I'm in!" and just made it work. I like this new me. She's growing on me.

Pixie surprises. She has no idea mom has a surprise road trip in mind. When I tell her, she's going to squeal like a...well...little girl.


It's Monday and I have a funeral to attend so I'm making this short and sweet. When life hits you in the face with a sudden opportunity for adventure, remove that stick from your boohiney and go for it. When you pass away do you want them to say "She was practical" or do you want them to say "She wrong every ounce of joy out of life she could. She even managed to give a little back" I choose the latter so be prepared for very short lists as I will be posting them using my blackberry whilst lying on the beach.


  1. enjoy. i can feel your excitement in your words.

    btw. do you teach 4th grade?

    now i need to work on removing that stick.

  2. I lead the 4th grade pack of tweens in Sunday School. I used to teach. In another life.

    Yeah, I'm still working on stick removal. 3 years hard work and I have it about 1/2 way out.